Plato Woodwork: Crafting Timeless and Durable Cabinetry Solutions

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With more than just an inclination to design well-crafted kitchen and bathroom cabinets, Plato Woodwork has proven that elegance should be included in these parts of your home.

We all know that cabinets provide storage solutions that are meant to keep everything organized and generally unseen, but that doesn’t always mean that style and aesthetics are to be ignored. This is where we’re proud to talk about one cabinet-making company that delivers.

Plato Woodwork is one cabinet manufacturer that constructs original and versatile designs with durability that everyday home usage will endure for decades. They are one of our top rated manufactures. If you aren’t very familiar with their background, here’s some info that will help you to understand why they have something that many other cabinet makers don’t often include in their range of products and services.


About Plato Woodwork

Plato Woodwork history image

Established by German immigrants to America way back in the late 1850s, Theodore Pinske grew up in a household of hard-working craftsmen that had a lot of experience in woodworking skills. Theodore took his skills to a new level by establishing Plato Woodwork in 1893 in the town of Plato, Minnesota. In the early years, his crew of skilled woodworkers built several churches, schools, homes, and barns within Plato.

With this new success, Theodore added a lumberyard and millworks to his business to support the need for finely-crafted structures. His biggest innovation was inventing a process to cut curved rafter timbers using a Model-T engine which revolutionized the pre-electric method of sawing wood. By the early 1960s, Theodore left the business to his son Edward who went on to have three more sons- Pete, Bob, and Tom, who later split the original business three ways.

It was Bob who ran the millwork and cabinetry shop portion of the business that he later passed down to his son Tim. In 1968, Tim and his wife formed Plato Woodwork Inc. and marketed their woodworking skills toward home cabinetry that is still being run the same way it was from their early start. Karl Pinske is the son of Tim and is the 5th generation of Pinske craftsmen that currently run Plato Woodwork.

They specialize in only kitchen and bath cabinetry that has a very distinct European style wrapped within traditional American cabinet design styles. Their work is amazingly detailed and yet beautiful for elegant simplicity. Their attention to detail would have made Theodore Pinske mighty proud as they have celebrated nearly 130 years of woodworking and craftsmanship in their legacy.


 Plato Woodwork Cabinet Series

Making Cabinetry Products in Plato Woodwork

It’s no surprise that Plato Woodwork is a leading expert at creating custom-designed cabinets in nearly any configuration that customers can imagine. This is just one of their services that are dedicated to 100% custom-designed cabinetry. Considering that not everyone is going to have a bottomless budget for custom cabinets, they keep their product line open for business with semi-custom cabinets that are just as lovely.

Among the list of noted cabinet lines, they further feature three categorized cabinet lines that fit into pre-made cabinet models. These include the Signature, Prelude, and Encore cabinets.

The Plato Woodwork Signature Series

Although this happens to be an expensive choice for semi-custom cabinets, this line features options to be custom-tailored to the client’s needs. This also allows customers to choose specific finishes, door styles, and the wood used in making the cabinets. They also include accessories that go into the cabinets to have the perfect storage solution configuration.

The Plato Woodwork Prelude Series

This line is the middle of the road for budget considerations and includes premade cabinets that are set to select dimensions and design elements. This line of cabinets is also better for faster turnaround and delivery in addition to cost-effective savings. If you’re intent on getting high-quality cabinets but are working on a budget, this option is a good choice.

The Plato Woodwork Inovae Series

This series is split into two parts that include Inovae Frameless and Inovae 2.0 cabinet series. This series is dedicated to semi-custom cabinets that are mainly modern or transitional styles yet still include a few traditional styles too. This is a big departure from their other products for those who are looking for something updated looking. Lines and designs are extremely clean and reflect colors that are just as refined as their other cabinets.


Plato Woodwork’s Cabinets 

Door Styles

Plato Woodwork Door Style

No matter which cabinet style you choose from Plato Woodwork, they feature the appropriate door panels that match perfectly. There are door panels that range from traditional to modern cabinet styles with colors and surface textures which enhance a completed cabinet appearance. They also include a fine selection of special cabinet door frames for those who are looking to create a warm atmosphere that matches every customer’s needs.


Types of Wood

Types of Wood in Plato Woodwork

One thing you can be sure of is the great selection of real wood materials that Plato Woodwork is proud to feature. They include many of the most popular types of wood that have been a hallmark of kitchens for over 100 years including maple, oak, cherry, and walnut. They further make sustainability an important part of their cabinet construction and consistently find ways to create sustainable manufacturing methods, for anything leftover.



Finishing Cabinetry Products in Plato Woodwork

When you have a family legacy that has nearly 130 years of experience, you will understand how that makes sense to have expert finishing techniques. No matter what wood material is used for cabinet surfaces, Plato Woodwork has many finishes, stains, glazes, and aging tricks to get the most from any surface. These surfaces are then sealed to make daily maintenance and cleaning easier to manage throughout the years.



Accessories on Plato Woodwork Cabinetry

Every bit of care that goes into the hardware that adds charm and unique quality to every cabinet is what you’ll find with the selection from Plato Woodwork. Of course, there are many pulls, handles, and knobs to choose from yet it’s the lesser-known hardware that you don’t see (like hinges and slides) that make Plato cabinets open and function with ease. There are even more accessories and organizers that create the perfect storage solution in multiple varieties.


Plato Woodwork’s Design Services

Designing cabinetry in Plato Woodwork

Many people don’t realize that Plato Woodwork is a complete design center that can create original cabinets that are stunning works of art. Just as they started in their early days, Plato has designers that specialize in bringing an intricate European look that’s mixed with classic appeal that everyone loves from American-style cabinetry. Each original cabinet design is aided by all of the modern techniques to create the exact look that customers request.

It’s very common to find smaller woodworking studios that have strengths and weaknesses in their line of cabinet products. We love that Plato Woodwork has stood the test of time when it comes to quality and construction while bringing the mystique of European design back to the table. It’s nice that Plato offers such a wide range of cabinets that appeal to budget-minded customers all the way up to clients who are looking for custom-made cabinetry.

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