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For anyone looking to renovate their homes or designers looking for something different in cabinetry, SOLLid Cabinets are the best solution. Not only is SOLLid Cabinetry a local AZ-based cabinet manufacturing company that has proven they can deliver top-tier cabinets for more than a decade, but they also exhibit the kind of passion for quality design in addition to the practical function customers are searching for.

We’ll breakdown why we have ranked SOLLid Cabinets one of our favorite manufactures and why we have partnered with them since 2001 to offer top-of-the-line cabinetry choices to our Arizona and national customers.


About SOLLiD Cabinetry

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Like many other cabinetry companies, SOLLid Cabinetry began as a 3-man operation business in 2007, all starting from a home garage in Chandler, Arizona. They started by offering only two different types of cabinet door styles as they gradually expanded their business. Soon they were gaining more customers and could move into a 3-car garage, and had enough money to employ 3 new employees full-time.

Their next big break came in early 2014 when their business was growing extensively and could finally move into an 85,000-square-foot facility and employ no less than 70 employees. To further showcase their new facility, the SOLLid team kicked things off that same year on May 15th, 2014 with a private dealer open house for their new showroom. This is when they could showcase 20 new displays from the Value, Designer, and Thermofoil cabinet lines.

At a time when finding high-quality and American-made cabinetry was increasingly hard to find, SOLLid Cabinetry offered a fresh perspective on cabinet manufacturing methods. This has allowed them to retain quality control within a unique niche in the cabinetry manufacturing market.


 SOLLiD Cabinetry Product Line

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These days, SOLLid Cabinetry offers a great range of cabinets and doors, not to forget that they also have custom cabinets and semi-custom designs. These can be further customized with finishes and fittings so they help create just the right look in any home.

Custom and Semi-Custom Cabinets

In a nutshell, SOLLid Cabinets have two main door types but aren’t limited to specific styles since these doors can be further customized with finishes, wood types, and attachments. They further make the selection of doors more attractive by offering custom and semi-custom cabinet frames that are built to complete the look you’re going for. Either way, even if you aren’t going fully custom then it’s easy enough to create a customized appearance with little effort.

This starts with the selection of wood species, painted surfaces, or laminated surfaces. Of course, the first thing that many budget-minded customers are looking for is value and reasonable pricing. This is why the selection of semi-custom cabinets is always a great relief for staying within a set budget. But for those who are looking for something more intricate, their custom cabinetry services are second-to-none in terms of top-notch quality.

They further offer their Envii Cabinets which are a mixture of Thermofoils, real wood species, and wood-textured melamine. This line is separate from their Budget and Designer Series line of cabinet doors and has a very distinct European appearance that goes well with modern-style or transition-style kitchens.

Cabinet Doors

The two types of cabinet doors that are offered by SOLLid cabinets include the Value Series and the Designer Series. The Value series is designed to fit tight budgets and 7 different styles to choose from. This might seem to be more than a handful of choices, but the options for hinges, pulls, knobs, and accessories will allow any Budget Series choice more expansion for becoming completely customized.

The Designer Series offers an array of 36 different types of cabinet doors with many finishes and wood types to choose from using quality wood and Themofoil-coated wood composites. This selection is certainly wider for customizing and is a total value for getting the right look at a great price. Their Designer Series further expands on surface detail and matches every style from traditional to contemporary.


If you’re looking to get more from the inside of your cabinets, SOLLid Cabinets has a complete collection of organizers that easily fit within your cabinets. These storage systems make it easier to put things on shelves or in drawers, and throughout your cabinets with simplicity and style. What we like about their accessory line is that these come directly from Rev-A-Shelf and have dozens of configurations for storage solutions that you can pick and choose.

They also feature a complete line of knobs, pulls, hinges, and drawer slides that make the functionality of your cabinets complete with a customized look. Don’t forget that they also feature a beautiful array of mantles and hoods to give any kitchen a classier look.

Quality And Sustainability Of SOLLiD Cabinetry

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You can be sure that all of the products that SOLLid is using are sustainable materials that are intended to be high-quality in addition to being environmentally friendly. They have further enhanced the construction process to ensure that less waste is being created and that finishing materials increase the lifetime that their cabinets can provide. Not too long ago, SOLLid upgraded its painting and finish processes with eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

To keep up with the newest standards in the cabinetry industry, SOLLid Cabinets also follows strict guidelines for renewable materials and methods of construction.



We would like to think that finding a high-quality cabinet manufacturer that’s located right here Arizona is always a nice addition to the dealers we work with throughout the US. It’s also nice that many of our customers enjoy that the reasonable pricing you’ll find that SOLLid Cabinets can offer is a big plus for economical budgets too. But what is pleasant to know is that we rely on SOLLid’s commitment to service and quality that makes their cabinets perfect for you. Since we are an authorized reseller of SOLLid Cabinetry you can contact us today with any questions to to place an order.

If you’re looking to have locally sourced materials and service that is made right here in Arizona, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the showroom cabinets and samples we can show further.

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