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StarMark Cabinetry began building cabinets only 45 years ago in 1978 in the small town of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They are now part of the MasterBrand conglomerate of cabinet manufactures. Their product line is considered high-end semi-custom.

By 2002, the famed cabinetry manufacturer was acquired by the Norcraft Company and separated the StarMark cabinetry into two separate categories: StarMark Custom and the StarMark Collection. They include more than 7000 individual items within their product lines with an amazing measurement modification of just 1/16″ per increment.

Their cabinetry is aimed mostly toward middle and upper-middle-income homeowners among their complete range of cabinetry. They also feature more than 89 door styles, 13 various wood species, and nearly 100 types of stains, glazes, varnishes, and paints.


Inventory Overview

StarMark Cabinetry Inventory

Door Styles x89

Starmark aims to please everyone with almost 90 different types of cabinet doors. All the most popular shapes and designs including a generous amount of inlay and slab doors that are further complimented by a choice of great finishes.

Finishes x95

These finishes not only range from light to dark, but they also come in natural earth tones and shades that will match nearly any kitchen scheme you’re looking to create.

Embellishments x14

These aren’t the usual finishes that you see for cabinets but can offer surface distress and interesting colorization options for inset cabinet doors. There aren’t very many of these which makes these rather unique within the StarMark catalog.

Organizing Solutions x81

If you’re looking for something to put into each cabinet for organizing the interior spaces within cabinets, drawers, and under-the-sink storage possibilities, this complete list of insert organizers is very complete.

  • Construction Door Types x3 (Inset, Modern Overlay, Traditional Overlay)
  • Additional extras/accessories

You will also find in the accessories portion of the organizing solution pages that StarMark also provides a wide variety of folding steps, kitchen waste baskets, lazy Susans, and hanging racks. They further carry bathroom cabinets and vanities that are just as customizable for any bathroom in your home with sizing and finished that will compliment any bathroom style. If you’re looking for additional storage solutions for closets, pantries, or even bookcases, StarMark carries everything you’ll need.


Construction Breakdown

Making Cabinets in StarMark Cabinetry

While it’s pretty obvious that StarMark is not building economically priced cabinetry, they stick with materials that are the highest level of quality you can currently buy these days. They employ solid wood construction but aren’t strangers to incorporating laminated products into their catalog either. What is refreshing is they are using a very complete selection of finishes and this includes the fittings like knobs, hinges, and pulls.

They also can provide specific measurements within 1/16” of an inch when you order their semi-custom cabinets, making them nearly as custom as you like. In addition to that, their quality is designed to be long-lasting using materials that will have durable construction for several decades. They even offer special installation services for those who are looking to have cabinets installed by their specialized installation team. It’s an extra step with any order that requires the proper installation in your home with little or no effort aside from this added service.

As for service, StarMark also has a comprehensive customer service program. They help provide as much advice as needed for any order and even assist with technical assistance for those who are struggling with ordering cabinets. In short, they walk you through the whole process from start to finish. You can also contact us for more details on placing an order with StarMark as well as help answering questions about what the right cabinets are for your kitchen and bathroom needs.

This is how StarMark has been able to retain and ensure their customers are happy in addition to being satisfied with any purchase of their cabinetry.


Price Point

customer Checking design in StarMark Cabinetry

If you’re looking to be impressed with the selection, StarMark is designed for those who are looking for style and functionality. What sets them apart from other cabinet-making companies is the selection of cabinets that are including construction materials for select cabinet models that are more appropriately priced. Not that all of their cabinet lines are the same prices, but they tend to feature options that include everything within mid-range to high-end cabinet styles.

Make no mistake, they won’t compromise on the quality of their designs, but you will find a pleasant price range from $1000 to $5000+ depending on the materials used. They will still offer quality materials, however, their pricier cabinets do feature high-end finishes like brushed stainless steel and nickel plating, while modest-priced extras are just as hard-wearing and appealing. It’s just a matter of choice when it comes to their budget-friendly options.

As for bathroom vanities, they have a similar price range that starts from $500 to more than $3000 depending on the type of cabinets you purchase. Even if you’re looking for quality, you can still find that laminated cabinets are just as beautiful as wooden materials. It’s purely a choice of a budget that can eventually go into a completed order through StarMark. And the final quality is easily seen since this is one cabinet manufacturer that doesn’t skimp on materials. For a better idea of what cabinets cost, see our article where we provide general averages for stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinets from the top manufactures in the industry.

They try to keep their cabinet lines affordable for nearly everyone without becoming the average supplier you find being sold at Home Depot. But after the fact, it’s also what customer satisfaction has to say on this matter.


What Their Customers Say…

StarMark Cabinetry designs book

It used to be that customer reviews and satisfaction reports were an internal kind of information that companies used to get the proper feedback on their services and goods. The internet has changed all that and it’s more common to find customer reviews on nearly all of the furniture and cabinetry review websites. On their main website, StarMark features real customer reviews that are very honest.

If you’re looking for an outside opinion, we trust the reviews at for getting a better and unfiltered look at real customer reviews. Then again, if you’re looking for up-to-date top customer reviews, we can further advise Kitchen Cabinets Reviews for service and quality reports from those who have ordered StarMark cabinets.

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