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Best Cabinet Colors

Matching colors in to your kitchen’s décor style is a matter of choice; the variety of cabinet finishes and existing colors within your kitchen can be a daunting task. Let’s delve deep into the world of color schemes that can be combined to make your kitchen comfortable and visually pleasing. If you haven’t considered how colors are used to complement each other, here are some important tips to think about.

Cabinet Colors to Match Your Design Style

Yellow and gray Color Kitchen Cabinet

It’s completely understandable why it can be so hard to mix and match colors in your kitchen. There are so many choices that will make this decision much harder to determine, but there are basic rules that do apply so these colors don’t contradict each other. It can be very easy to select colors that you like, and in the end, that’s fine. The problem that comes up very often is how certain colors are blended and matched to create that happy harmony.

Even for seasoned kitchen designers, the color selection process starts with traditional combinations that are tried and tested. Beyond that, the combination of colors that go beyond a specific style of kitchen cabinets is a careful dance of planned colors.

Traditional Cabinet Colors

Traditional kitchens will always have one thing in common for using color and that’s sticking to what is called ‘Classic Colors’. Since most of the cabinet design is going to rely on decorative additions which complement your cabinets, color plays a big part. And since countertops and floors will need to blend with these colors, the choices depend on these surfaces to bring out these bursts of cabinet color.

Luckily, this style is open for adding earth tones, bright colors, and mixed colors. The best colors always include white, grey, blue, and black. These are best when you choose an earthy tone such as slate grey or eggshell white, not to forget that bluish tones are always attractive too. Green isn’t uncommon, but you want to stick with lighter greens to inspire pleasant feelings rather than an upset stomach.

A great blending tip is to always separate cabinet colors if you use two similarly matched ones. Upper cabinets will be better if they are slightly darker than the lower cabinets. This is mainly due to the incoming light that will illuminate hanging cabinets and make them appear lighter looking in return.

Contemporary Cabinet Colors

Any contemporary kitchen is going to have a sleek futuristic look with a fair bit of minimalism happening. That doesn’t mean that you can’t play with color that isn’t relying on simply white or black. There is plenty of reason where you can bring in colors such as light blue and grey with every shade these offer in between. Cream colors also do very well for cabinet accent colors with mild yellows, oranges, and pink being a pleasant addition.

If you decide to stick with wood cabinets that aren’t painted, it’s preferred to add colored stains that give just the right shade throughout your kitchen. Try to avoid a stark kitchen wall color such as black unless you have a clear separation in colored cabinets that break up this empty space. Keep in mind that a contemporary kitchen doesn’t need to appear uninviting just because the decor is so minimal. Have fun with adding splashes of color too.

Modern Cabinet Colors

When it comes to modern kitchen designs, you might think this is going to follow a similar path that contemporary cabinet colors follow. One of the satisfying parts of a modern kitchen is the element of surprise colors. As a rule, the modern kitchen often contains neutral colors since this is what many interior designers have pushed in the past. According to the latest trends that are growing in popularity, bright colors are a big hit.

Splashy yellow, blue, and green are mixed within the kitchen walls cabinets and backsplashes. You won’t see many earthy colors here except if you want to feature light and natural wood cabinet color. This color combination requires a certain balance and contrast to mixing in colors, but the vibrant colors you can use make a statement and excite the senses so much more than a bland mix that modern design used to represent.

Cabinet Colors for a Rustic or Farmhouse Kitchen

The main staple of the farmhouse and rustic design in your kitchen is to have a cozy and country-like feel. This means that white cabinets are still the number one color you’ll see in this setting. With a little creativity, you can also add colonial colors such as light blue and grey to any cabinet to give some additional comforting hues. And though the simplicity is to strive for surfaces that are older than they look, colors should look appropriately faded and light.

Cabinets are great when they have distressed painted cabinets that can also include colored wood stains. With the addition of a few dings and plenty of grain showing through, the happier country colors are always earthen hues with plenty of warm browns. Bare wooden cabinets are best when the natural color can come through to bring instant warmth with red and rich brown tones.

You can easily see great colors such as green, blue, grey, and many shades of cream colors likewise. The color palette for any rustic kitchen is always an exercise in going as natural looking as possible, so colors need to remain subdued and relaxed looking. Adding anything too brilliant will end up making a country kitchen look noisy and hectic. You want to select colors that are always within a powder soft shade for this reason.

Summing Up Cabinet Colors

Different colors kitchen Cabinet

There aren’t any rules to using specific colors that you personally like as long as these colors blend into each kitchen category. The best step to matching cabinet colors to your kitchen is to choose at least three different choices before you settle on a final color. This way, you can play with different ideas on how one or more of these colors can be added to create a dual-tone cabinet coloration. Now that you’re well on your way to being inspired – see our page for all things cabinetry inspiration and continue the transforming journey to developing your kitchen haven.


Kitchen Cabinet Colors

What are the most popular kitchen cabinet colors?

The most popular kitchen cabinet colors include lighter colors like white, gray, beige, and natural wood tones like pine. These colors are neutral and versatile, and can work well in a variety of kitchen styles. They also don’t become dated as quickly as other colors or finishes.

Can I choose a bold color for my kitchen cabinets?

Yes, of course you can choose a bold color for your kitchen cabinets if that is your personal style. Bold colors like blue, green, red, or yellow can add a unique touch to your kitchen, but it’s important to consider if you’ll still love the color in a few years, as it can be expensive to change it.

How can I choose the right color for my kitchen cabinets?

This has more to do with what you like and will fit the rest of your home that what is “correct”. Color effects the entire feel of you kitchen as well as your home. Lighter colors tend to make your spaces feel more airy and light, while darker colors can feel heavy and stifled. You’ll also need to consider if you can get countertops, appliances, flooring  and other fixtures that will match the overall color combination. A red cabinet won’t work with a yellow fridge.

Can I mix and match cabinet colors in my kitchen?

Yes, you can, but I don’t advise it. The color pattern will make a kitchen feel disjointed and not cohesive. And what if you want to ever sell your home, what will a buyer think? One possibility that can work is to choose a different color for your upper and lower cabinets, or you can mix and match different shades of the same color.

Can I change the color of my kitchen cabinets without replacing them?

Yes, but it takes some work. The amount will depend on what type of cabinet you’re working with. Solid wood ones are the easiest to refinish. And cabinets that were manufactured with formica or pressboard will be a lot more work. Depending on your level of experience or straight up energy, this can be a cost effective DIY option. But be warned, it’s not always as easy as it looks.

What are some color pairing options for my kitchen cabinets?

There are many color pairing options for kitchen cabinets, including white with black, beige with white, gray with natural wood, and blue with white or gray. You can also choose to coordinate your cabinet color with your countertops or backsplash.

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