Kitchen Design FAQs

with Jeff Hunt

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Do I Need a Kitchen Designer ?

After all, I already have contractors ready to complete my remodel.

Yes. The biggest value they bring is market knowledge. A cabinet manufacturer earns market share by doing something better than everyone else. In other words, they have wheel houses. The problem is they all pretend like they are the best at everything which isn’t true. For example, Waypoint is awesome at Transitional kitchens – Traditional Kitchens. They offer modern doors, but they are awful at Contemporary. You’d be way better off going to a manufacturer whose wheel house is contemporary. And this is just the cabinetry. There’s also floors, countertops, hardware, appliances, plumbing accessories and lighting. Knowing exactly where to go for the best of what’s available in the valley is worth its weight in gold. Another reason is style. A good kitchen designer is an artist with a practical mind. My approach always involves future planning. I don’t want to design something that is cool now but irrelevant in 3 years. Rather, I want to design a “little black dress.” 5 years from now the shoes, purse and jewelry are different but the dress is as relevant as it was the day you bought it.


What Does a Complete Consultation Cost ?

Am I getting what I pay for, or do you really provide value for nothing?

We will give you our time if you give us yours. The 1st meeting is building a design board. The goal of this meeting is Cabinetry 101- discuss the realities of the current cabinetry marketplaces. This helps us pick the right door style and color from the right manufacturer (eventually I’ll start listing features you don’t care about, don’t buy those). The last goal is to gather enough data about the project for me plug our “design board” into a full cab design. All the client needs to be prepared for the “Building a Design Board” is the measurements of the space. The next meeting is the “Rough Draft Meeting.” Here we design your kitchen based on the details of the “Design Board Meeting.” The design is prepared on an 86″ flat screen where we show you exactly what we did and why. At this point you may not necessarily agree with everything we’re showing you, don’t worry we are impossible to offend. Together we tinker with the design until it’s perfect and when it’s all finished we discuss pricing and deposits. We will take you this far for free.
how much does it cost

What is Your Design Process?


Initial Meeting

Before rubber meets the road we consider your project scope and budget to develop a design board for your renovation or new build.


Rough Draft Meeting

View the completed design on our 86″ screen and together make any needed changes that we can all see in real time.


Collect Deposit

Let’s talk turkey; if you like what you see, then we collect a 50% deposit to get the ball rolling. We get to work without wasting time.



We personally measure the project before ordering material.


Cabinet Order

Once our ducks are in a row we order. This starts the clock on delivery to the project.


Cabinet Delivery

All white glove (elevated level of care and attention to detail) delivery services.


Installation & Construction

This is where the magic comes to life.



Address and replace warranty items.



After we do everything right we just want good reviews.

More Questions We Get

What should I have ready to be prepared for my consultation?

Measurements of the project space are key. Any pictures of the old space are helpful but we can proceed without them.

What is included in a Kitchen Design?

The design and all layouts and elevations relative to the project.

Do I need an appointment?

No. This sounds more pretentious than we intend. We are both very hands on, which oftens carries us both out into the field and we’d feel horrible if you gathered all your info and then came to a locked door.

How long does a kitchen design take?

4-5 hours.

What types of kitchens have you designed?

All. Traditional, contemporary, transitional, avant garde, old world, farmhouse – anything you could possibly imagine in a residential setting. We do very little commercial projects.

What's the most important question to ask a kitchen designer?

1Which manufacturers do you use (if the answer is none and they say the word “custom” run as fast as you can the other direction). Why? Because a manufacturer level paint isn’t actually paint, it’s a baked on tinted lacquer that requires a 5 million dollar machine and a 30,000 square foot warehouse to house it. Local “custom” places are using spray paint which is horrible in AZ and will peel in 2 years.

How long will it take to remodel my kitchen?

Current cabinet turn times are 12-14 weeks everywhere. My custom lines are up 35-37 weeks.

How much will it cost to remodel my kitchen?

That’s different case by case, but I can tell you what you should spend. In AZ you should spend between 5-15% of your home value on a kitchen remodel (closer to the 15% in Scottsdale). Of that 15% you are spending to remodel, 50% of that number should be for cabinets alone.

Hey, I have 10K, can I remodel my kitchen?

Not a professional remodel including cabinet replacement. There are some DIY steps you could take, but they won’t get you too far.

How much does a new kitchen cost?

Again, I can tell you what it should cost which is more useful. In AZ you should spend between 5-15% of your home value on a kitchen remodel (closer to the 15% in Scottsdale). Of that 15% you are spending to remodel, 50% of that number should be for cabinets alone. For a little more on what to expect when remodeling kitchen, see here.

How much does kitchen design cost?

You can purchase the design from us without purchasing cabinets for $999. If you purchase cabinets there is no additional charge for design work.

Do you have a kitchen showroom?

What cabinets do you use?

I carry very specific manufacturers to feel very specific needs…remember, manufacturers have wheel houses you’ll want to inside. Waypoint (Semi-Custom)- Framed. Great for Transitional – Traditional design. Bellmont (Mid tier custom)- European Frameless. The only to go for Contemporary, but they offer a full custom range of options all built on the European Frameless box. See more on various types of kitchen cabinets.

What if I want to buy just the cabinets?

You can. There is a lower price point available if I’m not liable for the design.

If I have a small budget will you do my kitchen?

Yes, but things cost what they cost. You may love the price of 50 linear feet, but that doesn’t mean anything if you need to cover 75ft.

Can I install the cabinets myself?

Yes. I feel safer saying yes to a regular framed cabinet, but European Frameless is a whole different animal and I would strongly advise against it.

What's the difference between a kitchen designer, interior designer and remodel contractor?

Kitchen designer will work with a remodel contractor to complete your kitchen remodel. The kitchen designer makes the material selections inside the kitchen and the remodel contractor brings them to life. An Interior Designer is more about carpets and curtains colors etc. Read more on what a kitchen designer does here.

Do you work outside AZ?

Yes. After the lockdown we exponentially increase our ability to work remotely.

Can I see your work?

Yes. Check out our some of our projects on our website, Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, Facebook and YouTube page that all feature our work. Enjoy!

Is the kitchen triangle still relevant?

Yes. You can learn more about design basics here.

What is the most functional kitchen layout?

The one that fits all of your personal needs, but as my dad always used to say, “There’s an ass for every chair.” Feel free to check out our guide on elements that make for a functional kitchen.

Can I keep my appliances?

Yes. There’s always a way to preserve the “constants” or items you don’t want to change or replace.

Will an island fit in my kitchen?

We typically make islands as big as geometry will allow. If you can’t get at least 36″ of clearance on every side then no because 36″ is ADA code.

Can I use dark colors for my small kitchen?

Yes. Designers like to pretend like there are hard, fast rules but this isn’t true…mostly designers are just trying to justify their existence by pretending that there are rules and only they know them.