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On-Site Consultations + Creations

We make every effort to understand the vision for any new kitchen or bathroom before we get to work. We offer on-site consultations; within the Phoenix metro area, by virtual Zoom meetings, or of course, by stopping by our showroom in Scottsdale, AZ. Aside from our interior design experience, our on-site consultations are key to exceeding your expectations when it comes to developing your vision or 2-D plans into full color 3-D immersive VR experience.

Once you’re satisfied, we can also provide a detailed estimate that itemizes everything for the design and installation of your future space.


3D Floor Plans

Using specialized computer software, we can generate 3D floor plans to help you visualize a new kitchen or bathroom using three-dimensional imagery.

The exact layout of an existing room is recreated using detailed measurements and floor plans within our 3D floor plans program. This allows you to explore the room virtually in ‘real time’ and make important changes to this design long before any installation will happen.

These 3D floor plans don’t just provide high-resolution images but interactive design animations that allow you to explore any angle you’re curious to see. This further allows us to rely on accurate measurements to create a reimagined space which allows you to better understand what will be changed and updated. It also gives you a fast and easy way to understand how your kitchen or bathroom will look when it’s completed.

We have plenty of experience with creating custom spaces in every conceivable style and desired budget level. Without the technology used to create these essential floor plans through on-site consultations, it would be next to impossible to get to the heart of your needs and personal preferences for any newly designed space.


Virtual Tour of Your Rendered Space

At your convenience, we encourage you to visit our showroom store when on-site consultations aren’t easy to schedule. This will allow you more time to take a guided virtual tour of a newly rendered space that best fits your schedule. At Hunt’s Kitchen & Design, it can be difficult to visualize new kitchens or bathrooms on paper, which is why 3D-modeled virtual tours and walkthroughs are so popular.

Using immersive 3D rendered environments, exploring a new kitchen or bathroom design provides you with many further options likewise. You can make changes to these designs right away and see the results immediately, without starting from scratch. Any newly designed space can be perfected way before any construction has begun to make it easier to see the final result. This makes it easier to make a decision on starting an actual installation gets underway.

The advantage of interactive mixed reality virtual tours for a new bathroom or kitchen before it’s installed provides you with a look into the future without the need for physical construction. We’ll work with you to make as many changes as needed to get the look you want within the budget you’re looking to spend.

Lighting & Animation Videos

What virtual walkthrough wouldn’t contain the latest in lighting design added to a 3D-rendered space? These are detailed lighting simulations that provide you with a highly-realistic picture of how newly designed kitchens and bathrooms will look according to numerous lighting options. Together with a virtual walkthrough, you’ll see firsthand how different light fixtures will appear among the colors, surfaces, and textures they interact with when viewing lighting design options.

These options allow you to create the perfect lighting atmosphere in your office or home but especially so for kitchens and bathrooms. Now it’s possible to create the right amount of ambient lighting, spotlights, backlighting effects, and more to determine what’s perfect for you. Since we offer the latest in LED lighting fixtures, they are better at being energy-efficient on top of being higher quality for any lighting design.

We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that a newly designed space includes just the right amount of light and shadow.


Rendering Services For Homeowners, Contractors, Investors, And Professionals

While most people might think we’re only appealing to homeowners, we offer our services to businesses, contractors, architects, investors, realtors, and even property managers. Our goal is to help serve the greater community that happens to work within the commercial and residential sectors for a variety of 3D rendering services. As you need, we can provide top-quality rendered visuals and virtual walkthroughs of all kinds.

Because of our extended services that can apply to commercial and residential design projects, we can help stimulate further imagination for your projects with our services.

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WhyHunt's Kitchen Designin Arizona for 3D Design?

When looking for the top choice of services that include 3D rendered design animations and 3D floor plans in Arizona, Hunt’s Kitchen & Design is your best bet. We can create complete interior architectural design tours of future kitchens and bathrooms for remodeling projects of all kinds. We offer very flexible and friendly service that can include on-site consultations or a convenient visit to our showroom store.

Either way, this is the best way to experience highly effective virtual tour services that render complete views of a future remodel or installation project. Don’t let the name fool you either because we are further providing our services to commercial and residential design professionals alike. If you have a project that you want to visualize with 100% accuracy, we’re ready to work with you right away.


  1. We offer on-site consultations and discuss plans for new kitchens and bathroom designs.
  2. Our 3D renderings for interior and architectural designs offer an immersive tour of newly remodeled spaces.
  3. We further offer virtual walkthroughs of newly rendered spaces in our showroom store at your convenience.


  1. Our expertise helps create a perfectly designed plan that fits your vision and individual needs.
  2. Our 3D rendered services allow for 100% accurate visualizations of kitchens or bathrooms before installation begins, allowing you the exact look you want using virtual 3D design.
  3. The state-of-the-art technology that enables us to provide virtual tours for on-site or showroom store visits allow you to see detailed design spaces realistically and efficiently.

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Take advantage of technology using Hunt’s Kitchen & Design 3D renderings and virtual walkthroughs. We’re here to serve your needs with friendly on-site consultations or showroom store visits when it comes to creating award-winning kitchen or bathroom designs. The advantage for you is to experience virtual rendered spaces that are perfected long before construction begins to ensure that designs are efficiently managed on any size project you need. Visit us today, or schedule a consultation by calling or providing us with your contact details. We are open Monday through Friday, located in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona.