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Services And Expertise

If you haven’t heard of our services before, Hunt’s Kitchen & Design isn’t just limited to designing outstanding kitchens. We also specialize in awesome bath remodel services likewise. But the biggest start that you’ll find with what we offer isn’t just from the products and materials that we work with. Right from the very start, you’ll find that our company’s services and expertise help make big decisions easier.

As you’ll read further, we care deeply about customer satisfaction from start to finish and help to add value and efficiency to kitchens and bathroom designs. But it’s not just designing kitchens and bathrooms that separate us from other design companies. We begin with the immediate needs of each client that approaches us with plenty of care and attention to every detail.

To get an idea of how we design, consult, and create, here is how it all starts:


Consultation To Completion

To get the best results for any kitchen or bathroom remodel, our approach is incredibly simplified and stress-free. It can be daunting to envision a new kitchen or even a bathroom without worrying about every last detail. This is why we stick with you from consultation all the way through the completion of every project. We want to ensure that you’re happy with everything that’s been designed and installed.

We further create a seamless transition between designs you love, to what will eventually be added to your home. But to do this, Hunt’s Kitchen and Design are masters of communication with Jeff and Josh explaining and assisting every design step of the way. We sit down with you and rough out your basic needs. We encourage you to take a look at samples from our extensive showroom. We further create a 3D-rendered blueprint that can easily be refined to every need.

Way before there is ever any question on what costs are involved, our expertise in communication allows us to work within tight budgets of all kinds. It won’t be uncommon that we’ll offer helpful solutions to streamline budget restrictions so you get the results you’re looking to achieve. By the end, we’re sure you’ll be ecstatic at how simple our design process is with every confidence to move forward to see it all come together in your home.

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Consultation


You might say there’s a method to our madness, yet we’re simply mad about creating outstanding kitchen designs. When it comes to kitchen renovation services, we breathe new life into your current kitchen, making it uniquely aesthetic and practical to all of your needs. This includes the ideal usage of custom cabinetry and countertops to improve storage space and kitchen tasks. And of course, lighting designs that help illuminate more than food for thought…

Essentially, a kitchen that we’ll help design for you is an extension of your personality and taste. There are so many elements to consider when planning a kitchen remodel. Everything from the pulls and knobs up through cabinets and storage immediately reflects how your kitchen renovation truly defines you. We’ll help you match the colors, textures, and mood you want to bring into your new kitchen with expert crafted design.

Remodeling A Kitchen Cost

The last thing that any client fears the most is being faced with escalating costs or hidden pricing additions. This is one aspect that you’ll find with Hunt’s Kitchen and Design is that we provide a completely open book when it comes to discussing prices and estimates. We’re consistent in our quest to provide competitive pricing, but the heart of our business is always about transparency on all cost savings and budgetary issues.

We feel that providing our customers with great pricing and keeping an honest approach by suggesting cost-effective alternatives allows us to have a higher competitive edge over our competitors.

When it comes to budgeting for home renovations, it’s important to follow the “Golden Rule.” Spending too much or too little can negatively impact the resale value of your home. Ideally, aim to spend between 5-15% of your home’s value on remodeling to strike the right balance. Spending less than 5% may result in cheap materials and DIY work that could deter potential buyers, while spending over 15% is unlikely to yield a higher return on investment.

Kitchen Remodel Process

A kitchen remodel can and should be an enjoyable experience, despite the horror stories often associated with it. To approach such a project successfully, it is crucial to understand the process and follow a specific order of operations. Similar to solving algebraic equations, breaking down the steps and making decisions in a particular sequence simplifies the process. This article explains the “Order of Operations” for a kitchen remodel, highlighting how each decision can make the next one easier.


What Are the Constants?

This is the first question I ask each and every potential client.  I’m a kitchen designer so I know they need new cabinets, but long before getting into what they want to “change” I need to have a clear picture of what isn’t changing. For example, are you keeping the floors?  Many clients need new cabinets, but have no intention of changing the floors. 

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What good would it do me to show them any cabinets that won’t match their existing floors?  None!  Before I can design a kitchen I need to know what my limitations are.  From there it’s my job to tie it all together to “improve” the total project using the elements that are changing together with the constants.


Pick a Cabinet Door Style – Then Color

Once I’ve established all constants, the next step is to pick a cabinet door.  For this I will grab 3 different doors: a flat panel door, a shaker door, and a raised panel door and ask the client to pick one.  This isn’t going to be their final pick and we aren’t even talking about color yet…I simply want to know which they prefer of the 3 laid out before them.

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Why?  Because their selection tells me their design genre.  Are they Traditional, Contemporary or in between (Transitional).  Flat = Contemporary, Raised = Traditional, Shaker = Transitional.  It really is that simple.  Once I know your preferred genre it will be infinitely easier to nail down a door style that is tailored made to that preference.

Next comes the color.  Again, every decision makes the next one easier.  Now that I have a design genre and a door style that matches, it’s much easier to discuss and compare cabinetry colors.  Do we want light, or dark, painted or stained, contrast or solid color?  All of these questions are much easier to approach inside the framework of a specific design genre.  Otherwise it’s nebulous.


Pick Counter Tops

At this point we’ve picked a door style and color which narrows the field significantly.  Instead of looking at the whole wide world of counter tops, I’m only looking at slabs that will blend well with my chosen cabinet style and color.  Now I’m going to take a second to make your life infinitely easier when considering counter top material.  The ongoing debate is between Quartz and Granite. 

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Which is better?  It would seem like it depends on who you talk to, but let me simplify it.  Traditional Style = Granite.  Contemporary = Quartz.  This formula will apply to most situations.  With rare exception, the point of counter tops is to support the cabinets, but the cabinets are the star.  If the goal is to blend and not over power then having the right material for the right situation is more important being overly concerned about the slight differences between granite and quartz.


Pick Floors

You made it!  We are at step 4 which means the cabinet style, color and counter top decisions are all in the bag.  Again, the principle at play is we want to allow every decision to make the next decision easier.  So when it comes to floors, we..

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aren’t looking at every floor material in the known universe; just the ones that will blend with the 3 choices we already made, and believe me, this narrows the choices significantly. 

Now I want to give you a little breakdown that can simplify these areas.  Think in terms of “vertical surfaces” and “horizontal surfaces.”  Vertical surfaces include the Cabinets and the Backsplash.  The Horizontal surfaces are the floors and counter tops.  The goal is to find the balance between compliment and contrast with these surfaces.


Pick Backsplash

The backsplash is the icing on the cake.  Every decision we’ve made thus far has brought us to this point.  We have cabinets, we have countertops, we have floors, and the last thing we need is the artistic element that will put a nice cherry on top of the overall design..

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I recommend leaving the backsplash until the end because of how many temptingly beautiful options there are.  It’s very easy to fall in love with a backsplash material that doesn’t compliment the rest of the project.  In fact one of the biggest mistakes I see is a client that makes 4 material choices independent from one another.  They may like each of those materials individually, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will compliment each other.  Trust me, leave it until the end.  It’s much easier to pick a backsplash when you have the cabinets, counters and floors to use as a reference. 


Everything Else

Everything else means just that.  Every project is different, so some of these may apply or they may not.  My point is simply that all of these “everything else” items can be left until the end, or that they are much easier to focus on after the bigger choices have been made. 

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So, “everything else” could include: lighting, faucet/fixtures, hardware, art, accent pieces, etc.  Again, my point is these choices can wait.

Service, Expertise, and Commitment

You can be sure that our services and expertise are the very first commitments that we provide for every client that we meet and consult with. When it’s about customer satisfaction, your needs must be met with an open mind while our overall services help magnify the final vision you’re looking to have created. We’re dedicated to giving you the level of satisfaction you deserve.


The average bathroom renovation is a complete makeover and re-haul of practically everything inside your bathroom. In general, the entire bathroom is completely stripped of all of its original fixtures and new fixtures and cabinets are then reconfigured and installed. This will always include one or more of these items or all of these fixtures. Bathroom fixtures cover everything from bathtubs, showers, vanity cabinets and sinks, toilets, and built-in elements such as tiles and floors. No matter if you require minor support updating a small bathroom, to complete redesign of a large space – Hunt’s Kitchen Design in Scottsdale is up to the task.

This can also include lighting and ventilation and many other comfort items that are added. Some comfortable elements such as heated flooring and adjustable lighting are added to create a luxurious touch.

Remodeled Bathroom Cost

There are never any hidden costs that you’ll find from our design services since we insist on being completely transparent about our estimates and pricing. As our reputation further is a testament to customer satisfaction, we have limitless faith in our happy customers that speak volumes about our service practices. Just taking a look at our client reviews is only the beginning of what we can provide for you. If you’re looking to get a ballpark idea of what it cost to remodel a bathroom, see here.

The very first step is to make a bathroom remodel as simplified as possible so you can visualize what is possible and how it will turn out from start to finish.



Showroom And Products

One of the most important aspects of our design services isn’t just planning and consulting. We also have a showroom that includes an extensive amount of products to see in person. It’s simply not enough to look at a booklet or brochure filled with fixtures and vanity cabinet options that are just pictures. Our showroom extends the overall experience with physical cabinets and options you can see immediately.

This gives you a close-up experience to see the quality of how these materials are constructed. See a wide range of colors and textures available to see if they suit your personal tastes as well. It also makes perfect sense to see budget-minded alternatives to compare these differences over pricier brands. Since we work with endless cabinet suppliers throughout the country we can always find stock or semi-custom cabinetry to meet your budget and style. When it comes to custom cabinets, we’ll take the time to visit you on-location or via Zoom, to make sure we create the perfect cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor living space.


Benefits From Visiting Our Showroom

No visit to our showroom is complete without getting to see a little bit of everything we offer while you’re here. It’s vital to visualize what can eventually go into your new bath remodel that’s just not possible from looking at pretty catalog pictures. It’s much better to see surfaces and textures and a full variety of color options for everything that goes into a bathroom remodel. We’ll take you through all of the options based on your immediate needs as your tour progresses.

As if that isn’t enough, a visit to our showroom further gives new ideas and direction in the design of your bathroom.


Visit The Showroom And Schedule A Consultation

Once you decide to look into our services, the next step is to schedule a friendly meet and greet. Jeff & Josh Hunt are the perfect hosts that are more than happy to give you a complete tour and consultation for your next bathroom remodel project. They’re not just design specialists, they can help suggest and help keep a budget on track to produce the best results. If you’ve been putting off visiting Hunt’s Kitchen and Design, schedule an appointment right away.

We are open Monday to Friday 07:00–19:00.

For additional questions, you can call us at (480) 650-4402 or find us on Houzz.

Our Strongest Commitment

We’ve mentioned before our commitment to the highest-quality design services you could ever expect, but that’s not enough. Your strongest needs for effortless transitions from start to finish are not just our only strength- in our opinion. We want to provide you with results that expertly match your tastes when it comes to design and comfort. We’ll work with you to reach budgets that stick within your range every step of the way.

Yet when it’s about communication and our impeccable standards for pricing transparency, the results will speak for themselves.



What Are The Benefits To Renovating A Kitchen?

Among the biggest perks of every kitchen renovation is the increased functionality that makes everyday tasks and duties effortless. We’ve perfected the effectiveness of what you’ll learn is called a work triangle, yet customize these features to bring out a visual impact that you’ll admire for years. No matter which shape your kitchen happens to be, we can offer solutions that modernize and improve the versatility of how everyday living creates comfort for you.

Our kitchen designs also serve as an immediate increase in your home’s value even if you don’t plan to sell your home anytime soon. Just as every home has a central meeting point where people naturally come together, a renovated kitchen always creates positive vibes and invigorated conversation.

What About Kitchen Design Trends?

Over the years, kitchen trends and styles have seen their fair share of ups and downs. We keep up with all of the latest trends that are new or have returned to fashion. Regularly, we update our blog with the hottest trends that emerge in kitchen styles. But it’s the history of kitchen design that we’ve followed that continually evolves into something new. Many of the most popular trends we’ve been seeing a lot of lately include Traditional and Farmhouse styles.

Not that Contemporary and Modern styles are starting to see hybrid variations that include mixtures within traditional kitchen trends. We also keep an eye on design elements such as natural wooden cabinets, open shelving, smart kitchen designs, and stone countertops. Often, it’s a combination of many elements that creates a kitchen theme rather than a truly defined style that we help all of our clients achieve.

What Are The Benefits Of A Bathroom Renovation?

Not every bathroom is designed to be comfortable and it typically takes the personal touches that a homeowner will add to achieve this. When it comes to a complete bathroom renovation, these ideas and needs are better defined to have higher beneficial comfort through the design itself. This further helps create smoother transitions of matching styles and elegant aesthetics. More often, a bathroom is meant to be just as original in design- as all kitchens have character.

And though a bathroom renovation is meant to create comfort, this also plays a big part in increasing any property’s worth.

What About Bathroom Design Trends?

Not to completely put current trends aside, the biggest addition that many bath remodel projects and renovations are seeing is an immediate increase in technology. This includes added ventilation, heated flooring, and tankless water heaters. This also includes water softeners and an overall increase in the size of bathroom fixtures such as tubs, showers, and overall layout design. One aspect of a growing trend is the popularity of vanities and vanity cabinet additions.

What we’re seeing for requested styles that are increasingly popular are transitional and modern designs. This is followed by traditional and contemporary with a generous amount of farmhouse décor added for appealing aesthetics. See a little more about designing the ideal bathroom here.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Cost Of A Kitchen Remodel?

The initial factors that impact the cost of a kitchen remodel are much simpler to explain as it relates to an overall budget that a client wants to pay. It’s easy to work around a selected level of budget just to save money. However, the ultimate decision on what is being designed can differ greatly. The request for custom wood cabinets or real stone countertops may not be so easy to work into a set budget due to the material cost differences.

Another angle is the difference between reality for how much space is available to work within. A configuration can be altered and changed but doesn’t give you more of a spacious kitchen if the kitchen size can’t be changed. Intricate detail is also another aspect that can begin to increase the cost of a remodel when added trim moldings, crowns, and cornice décor is added onto new cabinetry.

The same can be said about the need to add new appliances that are brand name additions can be much pricier than you might have expected. And though lighting may not seem to be a cost factor, fancy light pendants and hidden lighting can start to add up quickly. Consider that Smart Kitchen technology can further be pricier if you intend to control the dimming, color controls, or even select appliances through smartphone apps.

What Are The Best Ways To Save Money When Remodeling A Kitchen?

Let’s just say that there will be a point when expectation and reality don’t quite match. This is where a projected budget isn’t lining up with what you expect from a kitchen remodel. All through the design and discussion process, having the opportunity to consider cost-saving and budgetary recommendations can still deliver the kind of kitchen that you’re looking to have created.

There is also a benefit to hearing about alternative materials that can help pave the way for select items that meet your budget’s target. Or to say the least, save on materials that would otherwise limit the creative process on a kitchen design that meets all of your expectations.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Cost Of A Bathroom Remodel?

While you would think that kitchen remodel designs are an overwhelmingly requested need by homeowners, bathrooms are now an emerging and growing trend. The main factors have seen numbers jump in the last 2 years by as much as 13% since 2020 and are still rising. Homeowners are looking to increase the value of their homes even further with a bathroom renovation. Not to forget that the need for built-in comfort and spacious amenity fixtures were among the top reasons.

And though many bathrooms often see the replacement of showers and tubs, further upgrades also include facets, vanities, and many other fixtures. Since many of these upgrades can be considered minor renovations, a growing need for complete renovations has become a cost-effective benefit for many homeowners.

What Are The Best Ways To Save Money When Remodeling A Bathroom?

The dream of having the perfect bathroom renovated is not that far from being possible with so many cost-saving options that are available. Just as there is a growing interest in natural wooden kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities are no different from the requests for custom wood vanity cabinets. But many people do not know many more options are just-as aesthetically pleasing that don’t cost nearly as much as custom bathroom cabinetry.

Hunt’s Kitchen and Design can further provide a complete renovation design of your bathroom with an estimate that will best match the budget you are looking to spend. We’ll work with you to keep an open mind on how your budget can be stretched and maximized through cost-effective alternatives on fixtures and bathroom additions.

What Is Your Design Process?

You might have an idea of what you’re looking for in bathroom design, but there are always obvious blank spots in how it’ll look in the end. This is where our company’s design process can take your ideas to the next level. It all starts with a relaxing and easy-going consultation on what you’re looking to have done with your bathroom. After some basic info is exchanged and basic planning is covered, what emerges from this design process will amaze you even further.

We create a 3D rendering of your bathroom using all of the information that’s discussed so you can then see how a remodeled design will appear. We take this further with alterations and customized features to reach the ultimate goal of your approval. At this point is when we provide a clear and open estimate to complete the additional work from start to finish.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Designer?

It’s unthinkable that any remodeling service doesn’t include professional designers and educated advice. And while we can’t speak for the competition or experiences that you may have experienced elsewhere, Hunt’s Kitchen and Design is dedicated to providing you with several benefits from our seamless remodel process. We care to provide you with the utmost professional experience that comes from any scheduled consultation or visit. We put together an article on why you should hire a designer, you can see it here.

It’s always an extra perk to receive any recommendations or advice whenever possible, which is how we keep your design vision as unique as possible.

Why Choose Us To Handle Your Kitchen Or Bathroom Design?

As design specialists, both Jeff and Josh have years of experience dealing with every aspect of bathroom and kitchen design. But since everyone is different, it takes a very special approach when it comes to communication. We don’t hide behind fancy talk and explain to our clients how a bathroom remodel is achieved with simple and stunning results. We also offer our experience with working within tight budgets of all kinds.