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Types of Cabinet Door Upgrade Ideas

You already might know that the appearance of your kitchen door cabinets will be the perfect decorative touch. What you might not know is how to use them best for your type of kitchen. Here are some refreshing ideas that could add more depth to your kitchen with visual appeal.


If you’re wondering how to improve your kitchen cabinets, these ideas to upgrade your kitchen cabinet doors will add more of a decorative touch.


The following sections will also provide you with excellent cabinet door ideas that cover the overall design and added décor that’s added to them. This way, you can mix and match old ideas with new ones to create the perfect harmony in your revamped and upgraded cabinets.

Flat Panels

Flat Panels kitchen Cabinet

These come by another name and can often be called a slab panel because it has no surface detail. Other than the color of wood that’s used, it may also be a smooth laminate on top. While this type of panel is rather plain looking on the surface, there are plenty of good reasons why it can be used to get a dynamic and sleek look in your kitchen.

If you’re a fan of the IKEA style of kitchen cabinetry, this is certainly a modern or contemporary level choice for remodeling. It helps to give the appearance of sleek minimalist lines that run along the kitchen wall or alongside the countertop. To create more smoothness, many of these doors will have spring-loaded hinges that allow you to open them with ease.

You might otherwise choose a handle that is thinner to give these smooth exterior finishes more of a streamlined appearance. These panel slabs are best when the surface is semi-gloss to mirror finish for a futuristic (WOW) effect.

Raised Panels

Raised panel kitchen Cabinets

Among the most popular choices for most kitchens include recessed panels. These are also called shaker frames because of the way they are built and designed. They are often made from a 4-piece frame shape with a decorative centerpiece inside that frame.

These are perfect for country kitchens and rustic designs, but also an excellent choice for traditional kitchens to boot. These cabinet doors offer a timeless look for your kitchen no matter what theme you’re going for. These panels also have plenty of elegance that lends perfectly to transitional, contemporary, and modern kitchen design.

There is no going wrong with raised panel doors since the versatile appeal blends in with nearly every kitchen type you choose. The only difference is with selecting the finishes that will best match your décor style.


Partial Overlay design

There are three types of overlays which include the full, inset, or partial design. This is how a cabinet door is hung on the outside or inside of a cabinet frame. They are more about function than they are meant for visual aesthetics, however, this can be very deceiving if you aren’t careful.

Overlays are the cornerstone of getting a particular look created rather than how the cabinet door is attached. Modern kitchens rely heavily on overlays to create a seamless appearance between door fittings. A full overlay is better to reduce gaps between each door while a partial overlay gives you plenty of room for exterior hinges and more traditional appeal.

Inset doors are perhaps the easiest to spot since they’re the best fitting choice for country or colonial kitchens. Using the inset door style provides a professional old-fashioned charm that allows doors to sit flush within a frame rather than standing out.

Accent Frames

Accent kitchen door frames

These decorative touches are best achieved for door frames that are intended to stand out and get immediate attention. They do fall into specific categories and don’t apply to modern or transitional kitchen doors too well. When you want to put more effort into visual appeal, accent frames are the best way to go.

Accent panels

These will include beadboard, lattice, and louvered to name a handful of options that offer various accent patterns. All of these are great for traditional, country, rustic, and transitional kitchens. When you’re going for a particular appearance that is related to Mediterranean or colonial, these are an absolute must. You can achieve a tropical or deep southern look by using louvered or lattice panels that allow air to better circulate in cabinets.

Beadboard panels in particular are universal and will fit into any kind of kitchen setting. It can work well for Scandinavian design all the way through modern farmhouse up through contemporary. There is no limit to making beadboard work for your kitchen cabinets.

Glass frame

Installing glass framed doors isn’t a new idea and has been around since colonial kitchens. This is where you’ll typically see Mullion frames where smaller pieces of glass are inset into a wooden-frame lattice. These pieces of glass can be etched, frosted, and colored. More often the elegance comes from clear glass so you can see into the cabinet to show off décor wine glasses or objects of interest.

Many of the best ideas can work in any type of kitchen to create elegant features or streamlined beauty. Using glass doors is a great way to give your kitchen the appearance of looking larger than it really is. Other times, glass cabinets create the picture-perfect setting that will show off your kitchen in a transparent fashion.


realistic rustic Kitchen Design

Cabinet doors and cabinets in general will have an infinite number of finish options to bring out the beauty that you’re looking to create. Colors play such an important role in making your kitchen more inviting and can ultimately enhance your mood when certain colors are used. Another layer that makes these colors more attractive will be the glaze or finish that’s added to the final cabinet for additional effect.

Just by playing with certain finishes, you can create realistic rustic effects for a country kitchen or the upscale elegance of modern and transitional kitchens. Don’t forget that the right finish will protect cabinet doors from scratches and help wood surfaces to be properly sealed. The type of finish you choose will also increase the ability to clean these surfaces with ease using a soft cloth or kitchen sponge.

Handles And Hinges

Black Handles on kitchen drawers

The very last addition to any cabinet is adding hinges, knobs, and handles. While there are many new options to install sliding door hinges, outside decorative hinges will add classic charm in addition to old-fashioned function. It’s much easier to select handles that are best suited to match the type of doors you’re installing too. You would never mistake ornate cast iron rustic handles for the ones that are used for modern polished aluminum rail handles.

The choice is always better when you can see many options, but don’t be afraid to mix and match to get a unique appearance that helps cabinet door frames look their best.


Kitchen Cabinet Doors

What are the different types of kitchen cabinet doors?

Last updated on June 16th, 2024 at 02:48 pm

Although there are several types of kitchen cabinet doors, the most commonly found ones are flat-panel, raised-panel, shaker, beadboard, louvered, glass-fronted, and inset doors. Each type of door has a unique look and feel, and can be used to create different design styles.

What are the benefits of glass-fronted kitchen cabinet doors?

Last updated on June 16th, 2024 at 02:48 pm

Glass-fronted kitchen cabinet doors are great for smaller kitchens as they make a kitchen feel bigger than it really is. Not to mention it’s easy to see what’s inside the cabinet when you go looking for a utensil or item you need right away. And if you’re super proud of your dishes or cookware, there’s the added benefit of displaying them for all to see.

What are the benefits of inset kitchen cabinet doors?

Last updated on June 16th, 2024 at 02:48 pm

Inset kitchen cabinet doors are some of the easiest to clean and maintain. Their flush finishes make it difficult for dirt to get trapped, and a cinch to wipe down. These doors are also usually made of better quality materials and boast nice matching hardware making them something worth looking at.

What are the benefits of shaker-style kitchen cabinet doors?

Last updated on June 16th, 2024 at 02:48 pm

Affordable and easy to install, shaker-style kitchen cabinets are versatile and timeless, and can work well in a variety of kitchen styles, from traditional to contemporary.

How can I choose the right kitchen cabinet door style for my kitchen?

Last updated on June 16th, 2024 at 02:48 pm

Choosing the best door style is more about your personal taste than anything else. Other than possibly louver doors which do work well in hot and humid environments, most options are more decorative than functional. You’ll need to think about if you want something clean looking, that has a textured feel, or you want a bold colored door with no lines at all. Once you know the overall “feel” you’re going for, the door choice will be obvious.

What materials are commonly used to make kitchen cabinet doors?

Last updated on June 16th, 2024 at 02:48 pm

The most common material is wood. What kind of wood can be debated. With all the choices of man made materials and prices for each, it really comes down to your budget what you choose. The most durable and long lasting will always be a solid hardwood cabinet like oak or walnut. They are some of the most beautiful too if you like a natural wood grain. But if your budget isn’t allowing that,  engineered wood, MDF, and thermofoil are all great alternatives that can be finished in ways that can look just as good or perhaps rival any natural wood. It all depends on what you want in the end and how much you can spend.

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