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Beadboard Cabinets – Everything to Know

When are beadboard cabinets a good choice for your kitchen? What kitchen styles do beadboard doors work best with? It’s a misunderstood style that seems so simple on the surface, but also works in your favor for being versatile in many ways. Here’s some great information on beadboard cabinet doors.


What Is A Beadboard Cabinet Door?

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Beadboard is easy to spot when used as a kitchen cabinet door choice. There is a basic 4-piece frame with a center insert that houses the beadboard itself. Beadboards are slats of wood that have tongue-in-groove connections that run vertically in strips. There is a slight gap between each connection point so you have visible grooves in between each connected piece. On a pre-assembled beadboard, this groove is added by using machines to cut groove lines instead.

As far as frame styles are concerned, there are many styles to choose from, and will start with very basic designs with little or no decorative trim. While this style doesn’t become overly exaggerated, some outer frames can include decorative edges created with a router or framed insets around the center beadboard inserts.


Styles That Work Best With Beadboard Doors

Beadboard doesn’t have much variety in terms of how it’s designed, but it does lend itself to many kitchen styles. Its simplicity often speaks for itself to provide kitchen design and overall charm. Many people believe that beadboard is limited to select types of kitchens, but overall it’s more popular than you might have imagined. If you’re looking to renovate or upgrade your kitchen, adding beadboard cabinets can apply to these great suggestions.


Farmhouse kitchens can be spiced up with apron sinks and plenty of authentic-looking antique items. And since many farmhouse kitchens will settle on white as an overall color scheme, adding beadboard will help create dynamic texture for cabinet doors. See more on farmhouse décor here.

Modern Farmhouse

Many homeowners might not be overly excited to commit to a 100% farmhouse décor theme, so modern farmhouses will combine traditional styles with modern-looking fixtures. Once again, you can’t go wrong with beadboard added to the cabinets. See more on modern farmhouse décor here.

Traditional Cottage

Combining old-world charm that has a hint of European vintage within the décor, beadboard fits in nicely with light subdued earthy colors. Beadboard can ultimately be added to any cabinet or pantry doors, or even as wall paneling where areas appear empty.


This is one of the trickier styles to pull off unless you really enjoy the look and feel of Tuscan design. Among the assorted tile backsplashes or intricate stonework, beadboard provides a handmade appearance that fits right in. Check out more on creating the iconic Mediterranean kitchen here.


It’s now become the look that you see in every IKEA store and is always a favorite for college dorms since everything comes in a build-it-yourself kit. However, the look of beadboard in Scandinavian kitchens helps create a cozy appearance that is still modern enough with a hint of an old cottage feel.


When it comes to neat and clean looks, this works for contemporary kitchens in any variety of colors chosen. You would typically see smooth panels used in this style, but the beadboard is flat enough to find its place very easily. See more on contemporary kitchen décor here.

Industrial Modern

This style fits well with high ceilings where beadboard helps to stretch the amount of space quite nicely. It’s also perfect for loft kitchens where using vertical lines creates amble texture without spoiling the vast space that’s present.

Minimalist Modern

What can make modern kitchens appear livelier is to go with a minimalist approach. You don1t need shiny surfaces on your cabinets for this style and the added appeal of beadboard cabinets feels warmer with semi-gloss and earth tone shades.


Are Beadboard Cabinets Expensive?

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The overall cost of beadboard cabinets will always have differences in the materials that are used. Natural wood construction will be pricier if you are using quality wood made from solid maple or oak. Then again, the price will be lower if you look at prefabricated cabinet doors that are made from a variety of mixed wood or wood veneers. Anything that is custom-built will also be more expensive based on the materials that are used.

Since many prefabricated beadboard cabinets will be painted, the cost is lower since wood composite materials can be used in place of more expensive wood materials. See more on custom built cabinetry.


What Materials Are Beadboard Made Out Of?

different types of wood for beadboard cabinet

Beadboard is constructed from natural wood and will range in colors and grain depending on the wood that is chosen. Cherry and Maple are popular choices on the high end for rich wood grain, whereas oak can be stained just as easily. There are cheaper alternatives that are made from pine, or MDF, and are covered with veneer so the cost is lower in comparison to solid wood. Painted beadboard cabinets can be any combination of materials that are inexpensively produced.


Are There Other Types Of Beadboard Doors?

vertical and horizontal beadboard cabinets

Traditionally, beadboard cabinets are vertical strips of wood within a frame. Many manufacturers do offer horizontal strips that sometimes look similar to louvered cabinet doors. It’s just a slight change in direction that helps this design become another option that might appeal to customers. There can also be many variants that have skinnier slats of wood or wood grooves that vary in length.


Why Choose Beadboard Cabinet Doors?

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Adding beadboard cabinets has all the appealing beauty that brings back nostalgic feelings that are associated with the past. Whether it’s used for farmhouse kitchen design or cottage kitchens, it further fits into modern design all the same. It further gives the illusion of handcrafted kitchen cabinetry that adds value without going over the top. It’s a classic appearance that is great for kitchen remodels that can be stained or painted to match many options for kitchen décor.

It’s also perfect for homeowners that are looking to add a bit of character to their kitchen. Essentially it’s a simple way to add more texture to any kitchen that isn’t overwhelming. For more on ordering cabinet doors, contact us, Hunt’s Kitchen Design & Cabinets in Scottsdale, AZ!


Beadboard Cabinets

What are beadboard style cabinets?

These types of cabinets boas a simple design that accentuates the beadboard paneling used, a simple ow of narrow, vertical grooves (or beads) that run along the surface of the door or drawer front. This paneling design is inspired by traditional beadboard paneling found in Victorian and coastal homes.

What are the defining features of beadboard style cabinets?

The defining feature of any beadbord project is the lines created by joing two sides of a tongue and groove board together. The marriage create a timeless look that can still be found in many older north eastern homes today. These cabinets are minimalistic and have plain hardware and are often treated with lighter colors like white or light blues and greens.

What is the history behind beadboard style cabinets?

Beadboard was originally crafted of evenly spaced wooden tongue and groove planks that were milled with a sharp recess, or bead on the groove  side of the plank in order to hide the tongue part that interlocked he boards to one another. It’s said this style of milling came to America over four centuries ago from the UK and is still common in Northeastern America.

What benefits do you get with beadboard style cabinets?

The biggest benefit of installing beadboard style cabinets is that they can match many different types of décor, and they’re considered a timeless choice that is easy to create and yet gives off more of a interesting viusal effect than other types of cabinetry like shaker style cabinets.

What are beadboard style cabinets made out of?

He most common material is wood. Originally these were made from cheaper woods like pine or whatever was on hand. Today these types of tongue and groove boards are milled from a plethora of different types of wood. It’s even possible to find metal that replicates the classic style of this type of carpentry.

What are the best colors for beadboard style cabinets?

Most Beadboard style cabinets are lighter colors like whit or light blue in order to show off their unique designs. Darker colors make the beadboard design almost disappear and aren’t used all that often. The lighter colors also help bring a more spacier feeling to your kitchen and a traditional brightness that the darker colors just can’t pull off.

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