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Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Kitchen Design

The farmhouse kitchen style is a classic, and it’s just as popular as ever. It combines rustic charm and clean open spaces in a way that’s calm and inviting. A farmhouse kitchen is a pleasant place for your family to gather while making dinner. Farmhouse style also blends well with more contemporary designs, so you’ve got room to make the style your own.

The farmhouse kitchen draws on the traditions of old-fashioned rural America, specifically the country homes of the Midwest in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The roots go back further to traditional Scandinavian and German farmhouses and to the French countryside, especially for decorative touches.


Farmhouse kitchen
1912. Roxbury, Mass | Image Credit Shorpy | Photographed by Lewis Wickes Hine

The overall look is relatively straightforward, with clean lines and light colors. Think simple rather than minimalist. The farmhouse kitchen celebrates and displays the functionality of its design elements rather than trying to abstract them away. It should feel like a lived-in home.

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How To Create A Classic Farmhouse Kitchen

Classic farmhouse style is all about simplicity. Avoid clutter and let the design do the talking. Choose quality materials and let them shine through.

Use Neutral Colors

Traditional farmhouse kitchens were designed to be working spaces for busy people, and needed to be simple to decorate and maintain. Start with a neutral base color, like white, cream, or beige, and pair it up with darker earth tones to create contrast. If you want to add a little more color, keep it on the light side. A nice pale blue adds a bit of French country style to your kitchen.

farmhouse kitchen design
Where modern style design meets farmhouse style decor. | Image credit

Farmhouse style blends well with a rustic look if you’d like something a bit darker and more Continental. Tuscan farmhouses, for example, use dark wood to anchor a palette of earth tones. It’s a different spin on the same idea.

Farmhouse homes often work from a neutral color palette – usually white, cream, beige, paired with darker rustic tones.


Countertops are a good place to add contrast in color and texture to your farmhouse kitchen. Stone is a classic material that looks good and can handle hot pots and pans without a trivet.

Gray Riverstone Quartz countertops by Menards, which complement the white cabinets | Image credit

Take a look at marble, granite, or soapstone in a dark color to contrast your neutral base. Dark wood is another good choice for countertops. Think about a dark-stained wood countertop with cream-painted cabinets. The dark color and grain of the countertop provides a lovely contrast to the light, smooth cabinets.

Add an Island or Large Wooden Table

The kitchen is the center of the house – why go off to another room to eat? A gathering and eating area is common to the farmhouse style. An island is ideal as both a cooking space and a dining space, fulfilling the functional side of farmhouse design. Add some upholstered stools to make this your family’s hub. If your kitchen space doesn’t afford an island, a table and chairs can fill the same role.

See this amazing DIY video to make your own farmhouse kitchen table under $100.

Farmhouse Sink Aprons

One small feature that is very connected to the farmhouse style is a large sink with an apron front. Instead of being surrounded by the counter, the front face of the sink is visible. The look comes from when the sink was a replaceable basin. Now, you’re not moving it around, but the look remains attractive and appropriate to the style.

Apron style white sink in Farmhouse style kitchen | Designed & Photographed by Hunt’s Kitchen & Design at 14651 N Northsight Blvd. Suite #137 Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

Shiplap & Beadboard

Nothing says farmhouse-style like shiplap or beadboard paneling. These wooden panels add a pleasant old-fashioned style to your kitchen. The paneling adds texture without taking away from the clean lines of the farmhouse style. Click to see more examples of beadboard cabinet doors.

farmhouse kitchens
White Beadboard plank panels for kitchen island | Image credit

And Don’t Forget…Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is the traditional material for a farmhouse kitchen, and a great opportunity to add visual texture with a natural finish. Try adding even more character by using reclaimed wood. A nice dark stain is a good color choice, but if you’ve got other dark colors around, perhaps a medium brown stain could help mediate your look.

farmhouse decor ideas
Dark hardwood reclaimed floors for a true traditional style Farmhouse kitchen | Image credit by Heidi Morrissey

Farmhouse Kitchen Variations

The classic white wooden kitchen is the straightforward American version of the farmhouse kitchen, but there are other variations that you might like. They also blend well into the basic farmhouse idea since they share common roots in function and ideas.

French Country Farmhouse Kitchen

Continental styles are popular now. The French Country kitchen works from a similar base as the American Farmhouse style, but with distinctly French decorative elements that make it unique. The base color palette is still neutral, but a little wider in hue. Instead of white, French kitchens have a little more color. Pale blue is a classic French look, but you might also look at a creamy yellow. Pair up the base color with dark and textured materials, like wood, stone, and brick. Exposed ceiling beams add a rustic look.

The French Country style adds a little bit of ornamentation to the staid American lines. Crown molding and decorative insets on the cabinets add a bit of flair. The furniture should gain a little more ornament as well, like decorative legs on the table. Bolder fabric choices on the upholstery are also great for the French Country style. Try some floral patterns for a classic look.


traditional french island
French style island matching wood grains of the cabinetry | Image credit

Tuscan Farmhouse Kitchen

The Tuscan style isn’t as popular as the classic American or French styles, but the roots are similar. The materials and colors of Tuscany make an appearance here. Look for dark woods, terracotta, and burnt orange in the color palette to reflect the natural flavor of Tuscany – rolling hills, vineyards, and sun-scorched grass.

farmhouse kitchens decor ideas
Tuscan style kitchen with bronze colors and a rustic island | Image credit

A key feature of the Tuscan farmhouse kitchen is the floor. Instead of the hardwood that’s important to an American kitchen, Tuscan kitchens have floors of tile, terracotta or even marble. Metals like copper and bronze fit nicely into this style – consider a bronze range hood. For countertops, granite, marble, or other stone will blend in well. A large stone hearth or brick oven adds a warm and welcoming feel.

Coastal Farmhouses

Coastal Farmhouses try to unite elements from land and sea, and fit beautifully into a Cape Cod cottage. Bright airy rooms with large windows are the norm here. Paint in cream or light blue, with sea-foam green as an option for highlights. Driftwood elements add a natural feel, as do sea glass, shiplap paneling, and brass hardware.

coastal kitchen
Coastal style decor is easily recognized by its shiplap walls and textured decor such as lighting, curtains, and chairs | Image credit

Scandinavian Farmhouse Kitchens

If you like your farmhouse simplicity more on the minimal side, consider the Scandinavian Farmhouse style. Strip things down with light-colored hardwood flooring, open wooden shelving, and bentwood furniture. To create this style of kitchen, my wining formula is; 25% farmhouse, 25% modern farmhouse and complete it with 50% Scandinavian décor themed inspiration.

Beadboard cabinets, with their evenly spaced, interlocking grooves and tongues, give the kitchen a cozy, casual look that feels like home. Paint them white for the perfect farmhouse, homestyle look. Also see more on simple farmhouse designs in our Modern Farmhouse guide.

beadboard cabinets
Traditional white kitchen with Beadboard cabinets | Image credit

More Inspiration? Click for more kitchen décor ideas.

Best Cabinets for a Farmhouse Kitchen

Beadboard Cabinets

Beadboard cabinets, with their clean vertical details, give the kitchen a cozy, casual look that feels like home. Paint them in your neutral color of choice for the perfect farmhouse look.

Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets admirably fill the role of simple, but not stripped bare for a farmhouse kitchen. The simplicity of a panel in a frame looks great painted or stained, and can fit nicely in a Colonial or Cape Cod style too.

farmhouse cabinet
Dark shaker cabinets | Kitchen Design by Hunt’s Kitchen in Phoenix, Arizona

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is a material with great character that works beautifully in a farmhouse-style kitchen. If you’re going to the trouble of finding and using reclaimed wood, let it shine through. Choose the finish that best displays your wood, then coordinate the rest of the kitchen to complement it.

real wood cabinets
Barnwood reclaimed cabinets | Image credit

Open-Face Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass-front cabinet doors are a nice modern accent to the farmhouse style. Pair them up with soapstone counters for a stylish contrast of textures, and keep the hardware simple and dark.

farmhouse kitchen cabinets
Open style glass door cabinetry | Image credit

Make a Farmhouse Kitchen Your Own

Use Repurposed Items

Finding vintage items that can be repurposed to decorate your kitchen is an excellent way to add some personality and flair to your kitchen. Look for old buckets to store things in or make custom fabric seat covers for old industrial stools.

Mason jars look good and are useful for storing kitchen staples.


modern farmhouse kitchen
decorate with vintage items Use an old hardware bin to store and display craft supplies, utensils, etc | Image credit


The backsplash behind your counter is a great place to add some personality to your kitchen. Beadboard or shiplap are nice choices, while brick or stone can add a rustic flavor. Tile is a nice way to add a little color.

farmhouse kitchen cabinet
A DIY backsplash offers endless value to this farmhouse winter kitchen | Image credit

How About Open Shelving?

Open shelving made from reclaimed wood is a great addition to a farmhouse kitchen. Stain it to let the texture show through.

open shelving
Floating open shelving with bronze accents | Image credit

Don’t Forget the Hood

The range hood is an oft-forgotten piece of the kitchen, but is a great way to add some distinctive personality to your farmhouse kitchen. Wood planking looks good with neutral-colored cabinets. A copper hood with some ornament looks great with a Tuscan farmhouse look.

wooden hood decoration
Wood planked hood is where Tuscan and modern work together in this Farmhouse kitchens | Image credit

7 Farmhouse Kitchens We Love

Our kitchens ever remain the heart of our homes.  It’s where we gather before school or work, where we end our day with dinner, and where we hang with friends and guests over snacks at a party.  Because it’s such a popular area, of coarse we are always looking for ways to improve it and keep it up to date, but with all the changing trends and information it’s hard to know what to do.  Especially for those of us that are designing kitchens for people to actually live in, and not just take pictures.  As designers we love sleek, clean lines and the cool crisp feel of an industrial kitchen, but that’s not always practical, and it’s rarely what people actually want.  In my experience what people are actually drawn to is warmth.  Of coarse it needs to look good, but it needs to “feel” good too.  How do we accomplish this?  In a word: Farmhouse.

The Farmhouse kitchen has always been around, but it’s been steadily growing in popularity for the last 3 years.  In fact, it’s nearly surpassed Contemporary design on Houzz’s most popular styles (transitional is still #1).  The Farmhouse design “feels” casual, but “looks” polished…that’s hard to do.  Farmhouse uses clean materials with a neutral color palette which gives the design both character and depth without becoming too busy.



A huge focus of this design was creating a single space where the family could really spread out and make cooking more enjoyable, which includes both meal prep and cooking.  Hence the huge prep island.  Notice the island is all countertop or prep space.  There’s no cooktop, veggie sink, etc.  We didn’t want anything that would steal our prep space.  The design is a classic look, white shaker with darker countertops and wood floors providing contrast.  Simple, practical and easy to replicate.

Simple Farmhouse kitchen


This is a more rustic example of Farmhouse.  Notice the kitchen table and custom hood.  These are very “rustic” features, but not enough to dominate the entire design.  When used with the inset cabinets and simple quartz it’s just enough to add a rustic element while remaining a Farmhouse kitchen overall.

Rustic Farmhouse kitchen


Inset white shaker with Silestone countertops and contrasting Cypress island.  Simple, clean and a perfect example of Farmhouse.  I’m showing this because this clients main goal was a “family” kitchen.  Meaning, it’s going to be lived in…used…but at the same time needs to look pristine.

Cypress Island Farmhouse kitchen


Great farmhouse kitchens focus on family life and should include a great stove for cooking big meals, an enormous island pulling double duty as a prep area and providing plenty of seating space for friends and family, a giant sink for easy cleanup, hardwood floors for a warm and homey feel, and vintage elements such as the lighting and the reclaimed wood trim around the door opening.” And there’s no doubt that this kitchen checks all of those boxes.

White and Wood combination Farmhouse kitchen


The pendant lights are a feature in these Farmhouse designs.  The shape of the pendant evokes a triangle typically rung as a dinner bell, and the square twisted iron seems harmonious with all the metal tools used in and around the farm.”

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In the first kitchen, the pendant hangs atop a huge dark wood surface, reminiscent of old farm materials, and you’ll also find a standard farmhouse porcelain sink surrounded by traditional painted cabinetry. Wood floors complete the traditional, homey look.

In the second kitchen, the Navarre pendant is used in a decidedly more modern farmhouse look. Accents of steel and stone are punctuated by touches of warm wood, hardwood floors and a beamed ceiling. Ironware explains, “Our Navarre pendant is another traditional aesthetic element that anchors the look and, along with the other cozy choices, combines with the contemporary design elements to create a fresh take on the country living inspired style.”

Pendant lights in Farmhouse kitchen


The goal in this project was to transform his 1950s ranch-style home into a contemporary farmhouse. Combining reclaimed lumber with modern tile and fixtures, we provided thoughtful contrast in the design. Some personal and custom elements included flooring that was milled out of lumber from the owner’s farm. The milling technique we used allowed for the original saw marks to show through the new finish. Additionally, a giant farmhouse sink and subway tile backsplash add to the farmhouse feel the client envisioned.

1950s ranch-style Farmhouse kitchen


This kitchen utilizes natural materials and calming colors to create an inviting atmosphere and a refuge from the distractions of everyday life. Seen below, the natural textures, like exposed wood shelving, provide a comfortable yet interesting touch to the room. The farmhouse kitchen has seen a rise in popularity in recent years partly due to the fact that you can mix the style with more modern elements. Personal touches, like a cookbook or collected glassware on display, are cozy additions.

Farmhouse kitchen sink and open shelves


What is a farmhouse kitchen style?

Last updated on April 4th, 2024 at 11:14 pm

A farmhouse kitchen

Inspired by the traditional kitchens of rural farmhouses, farmhouse kitchen design incorporates natural and rustic accents and décor, a lived in feel and experience as well as personal touches to create a unique and comfortable space.

What are the key elements of a farmhouse kitchen design?

Last updated on April 4th, 2024 at 11:14 pm

Any natural material like stone, wood and even brick add warmth to the kitchen. While metals give the space of feeling of permanency. Vintage items also come into play with old washtubs or cookery items being favorites among farmhouse kitchen lovers.

What materials are commonly used in farmhouse kitchen design?

Last updated on April 4th, 2024 at 11:14 pm

The most common materials that can be found in farmhouse kitchens are wood, stone, metal, and ceramic. Different fabrics like table cloths, napkins and drip cloths all play a role in the décor.

How does lighting play a role in farmhouse kitchen design?

Last updated on April 4th, 2024 at 11:14 pm

Lighting plays an important role in farmhouse kitchen design, as it is used to create a warm and cozy atmosphere, as well as to highlight the natural elements of the space.

How can I incorporate storage into a farmhouse kitchen design?

Last updated on April 4th, 2024 at 11:14 pm

Storage can be incorporated into a farmhouse kitchen design by using vintage-inspired cabinetry. Open shelving and pantries are ideal ways to create more storage in your kitchen while sticking to the overall design. Reclaimed wood or distressed wood are the best choices for these.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when designing a farmhouse kitchen?

Last updated on April 4th, 2024 at 11:14 pm

When designing a farmhouse kitchen you want to avoid adding way too much stuff to your space. Sometimes people have more knickknacks or collectibles in their kitchens than actual kitchenware. Try to keep things balanced, bigger items or appliances should fit the décor and also be functional and not just for show. Something like an old Coke machine looks great in a farmhouse kitchen, but it should also actually cool something as it was meant to do, or be used as storage.

How can I add a personal touch to a farmhouse kitchen design?

Last updated on April 4th, 2024 at 11:14 pm

Farmhouse décor literally relies on the personal touch. Everything from the old pots and pans to the little chicken on top of the old refrigerator should be something you enjoy looking at. That’s the point of this type of décor.  Sentimental and  family heirlooms work particularly well.

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