Flat Panel & Slab Cabinets – Everything to Know

Kitchen cabinets come in a variety of styles, shapes, and materials. Two popular types are flat-panel and slab cabinetry. These options offer a sleek, modern look and come in various materials, but their construction and overall aesthetic differ. In this page we’ll cover what there is to know about flat panel doors, then move onto slab cabinetry.


Flat-Panel Cabinetry

dark green flat panel cabinets

Flat panel cabinets feature slightly recessed doors and have clean lines with no frills or raised panels. This type of cabinet is often seen in contemporary or modern design styles. It’s typically constructed from solid hardwoods like cherry, maple, or oak, although some models are available from particleboard or MDF (medium-density fiberboard). The finish can range from stained to painted to even natural wood veneers.


Why Should You Buy Flat-panel Cabinets?

They Are Easy To Clean.

Flat panel cabinets offer a sleek, contemporary look to your kitchen. The smooth surface is easy to clean and resists dirt, dust, fingerprints, and grime. This makes flat-panel cabinets an ideal choice for busy households where spills happen often or homes with pets or small children who make messes regularly.

They Are Modern Looking.

Flat-panel cabinets come in various colors, finishes, and materials to choose the perfect look for your home. They are also highly customizable; panels can be cut into any shape desired, and doors can be swapped out for glass inserts to show off decorative dishes or china sets. Flat-panel cabinetry offers a modern look that will never go out of style.

They Are Cost-effective.

Flat-panel cabinets are affordable for modernizing your kitchen without breaking the bank. They come in various materials that range in price, so you can find something that fits any budget. Additionally, hardware and accessories like pulls and knobs are often much less expensive on flat-panel cabinetry than on slab cabinetry, making it even easier to transform your kitchen on a budget.


Because of their design, flat-panel cabinets tend to be very durable and long-lasting. The smooth surface is resistant to scratches and dents, meaning these cabinets will hold up to everyday use for years to come.


Slab Cabinetry

wood color slab cabinets

Slab cabinets feature a flat-front door with no raised panels or other embellishments. They are extremely popular in contemporary and modern design styles, as they offer a minimalistic look that’s easy to clean and maintain. This type of cabinet is usually constructed from plywood, particleboard, or MDF but can also be made from solid woods like oak or maple.


Why Should You Buy Slab Cabinets?


Slab cabinets are a timeless addition to any kitchen. Their sleek, modern look can make any room look stylish and updated. They also provide a neutral backdrop for a variety of interior design styles.



Slab cabinets are much more durable than flat-panel cabinetry. They are made from thicker materials and designed to last for many years. The thicker material makes them less prone to scratches and damage from everyday wear and tear than thinner cabinetry materials.


Increased Storage Space

The simple construction of slab cabinets makes them much easier to customize than traditional cabinetry, allowing homeowners to increase the amount of storage space they have in their kitchen without sacrificing style or aesthetics. This is especially helpful if you have little floor space available.


Easy To Clean

Slab cabinets are easy to clean and maintain. They are non-porous, making them resistant to most bacteria and other contaminants. This makes them an ideal choice for those concerned about kitchen hygiene and sanitation.


Less Expensive

The materials used to make slab cabinets are often less expensive than other types of cabinetry, making them a great option for those on a tight budget. Plus, they are usually easier and faster to install than other kitchen cabinets. This can save you time and money in the long run.


Flat Panel VS Slab Cabinets

man comparing flat and slab cabinet designs

Ultimately, the decision between flat-panel and slab cabinets comes down to personal preference. Both types of cabinetry offer a modern look with plenty of customization options and increased storage space. However, if you are looking for an affordable option that is easy to clean and maintain, then slab cabinets may be the best choice for your kitchen remodel. Flat-panel cabinets are a great choice if you need something more resistant to wear and tear or prefer a more traditional look for your kitchen. Regardless of your cabinet style, both are timeless. For more ideas on remodeling your kitchen see our design ideas page. And if you have more questions or would like to order flat or slab cabinets contact us.


Flat Panel & Slab Cabinets

What are flat panel and slab style cabinets?

Both Flat panel and slab style cabinets are simple and minimalistic, often times not even having door handles or beveling. The doors on these are often just a flat piece of wood. Sometimes with a hole cut out for a place to grab and open the door. Or there might be a simplistic knob or a small strip of wood that acts as something to grab onto.

What makes these cabinets recognizable?

Most of you will know these cabinets right way, even if you didn’t know the name. They’re often used in newer homes and look almost like one solid piece of wood across your kitchen due to their lack of a frame, adornments or hardware. Their simple and understated look makes hem a great option for almost any style home as they can be made from almost any material and come in any color you can imagine.

What is the history of flat panel and slab style cabinets?

Flat panel and slab style cabinets have their roots in modern and contemporary design, which emphasizes clean lines and simple forms. This style of cabinet has become increasingly popular in recent decades, as more people seek a modern and uncluttered look for their homes.

What are the benefits of flat panel and slab style cabinets?

These types of cabinetry are super simple to clean and maintain. The flat design makes it difficult for dirt to get trapped anywhere, so wiping them down from time to time is really all you need to do. Plus these styles work in almost any décor depending on what colors you choose. And if something happens and you need to replace a door or drawer, replacements are a lot easier to get than with many other styles of cabinetry.

What materials are used for flat panel and slab style cabinets?

Flat panel and slab style cabinets are often made with plywood and  formica. This helps keep them affordable for almost any budget. They can also be made with any other wood, both natural and man made wood products due to the overall flat surfaces. The material choice will more often be about the client’s budget and choice of design.

What colors are popular for flat panel and slab style cabinets?

Flat panel and slab style cabinets are available in a wide range of colors, including white, black, gray, and natural wood finishes. However, the most common colors you see are lighter wood grains, and lighter solid colors to match existing interiors and décor. Natural wood finishes add warmth and texture to the space. For a more modern look, choose solid colors that are  versatile and sleek.

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