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Design Trends You’re Sure To Love — By Jeff Hunt

Modern design trends in 2022 are focusing on the use interesting textures and contrasting colors, in tandem with the industrial and minimalist looks that have been so popular in years past. The goal is to find the perfect balance of personalized and trendy.

The kitchen is usually the focus point of any home. It’s the main hub where people come for snacks, for cooking meals, to gather for good conversation, and is usually the primary spot for entertaining guests and company. For that reason, extra care and attention must be paid to kitchen remodels, which can change the look of not only the kitchen but also the entire house.

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In keeping with that spirit, we’re sharing some of the top modern kitchen design trends of 2022 and how you can make them work your custom kitchen. Also be sure to check out guide on modern kitchens.

10 Modern Design Trends in 2022

1. Vibrant Colors Take Over

This concept can be broken down to one important sentence: Accent a neutral kitchen with pops of bright colors. Neutral color schemes using beige, grey and off-white have been very popular in recent years, but bright colors have been making a comeback.

The usual suspects for adding color are accent walls and islands, which naturally stand out from the rest of the kitchen. But you can add them virtually anywhere you see fit.

One of the most popular colors this year has been is blue.  Why? Because blue versatile color that pairs with butter yellow, white, burnt orange, and of course complementary shades of blue.

2. Painting With Pastel Palettes

I call this the “toe in the water” approach to color selection.  If you think you want some pops of bright color in your kitchen but aren’t ready to commit to bright, bold accent walls or islands, then pastels may be the right choice.

Pastels pair well with wood finishes and wood tones; they also look good paired with gray, which is still pretty popular right now.

paring pastels

The downside to pastels is that they’re trendy. They’re popular right now, but I worry about their staying power over the next five years.  Blues, yellows, pinks and greens are currently working on the East Coast, with its colorful landscapes and coastline. But I’m not sure they’ll ever gain a solid foothold here in Arizona.

3.  A Multipurpose Island

Nearly every client we work with wants to put a multipurpose island in their kitchen, even if that means knocking out walls to fit one in.

Originally, islands were used for extra countertop space for food preparation, but today they have more than one function.

Open floor plans are huge right now – and probably will be for a while. People want their kitchens connected with the living room and other social rooms in the house, making them into one, large communal area perfect for entertaining.double island in kitchen

Designed by the Hunt’s Brothers at Hunt’s Kitchen Design in Scottsdale, Arizona

large, multipurpose island works well with an open floor plan, allowing you to prep food, and cook on the stove while still socializing and engaging in conversation. Many islands even have room for eating.

I predict this trend will last some time to come.

4. The Rise of Smart Kitchens

As our phones keep getting smarter, so do our kitchens, which can now come packed full of upgrades that serve to make our lives a little more convenient and even just a little more exciting.

Appliances and features like touchless faucets, instant boiling water taps, steam ovens, vacuum drawers, and smart water filters streamline cooking, and many can be connected to your smartphone, where you can customize and control them remotely.

They may have seemed like silly gimmicks in the past, but they keep improving and will only become more central parts of kitchen design in 2022 and beyond.

 5. Heavy Stone, Marble and Concrete Countertops

One of the biggest mistakes people make when designing a new kitchen is attempting to make a countertop choice independent of the cabinetry they’re using.

Countertops should complement or contrast with your cabinets and are infinitely easier to select when there are already a cabinet design, door and colors to compare them to.granite counters with dark cabinets

Designed by Hunt’s Kitchen in Arizona

The most popular materials for countertops in 2022 continue to be granite, marble and quartz – dependable mainstays of kitchen design. They’re heavy duty materials that look great in virtually any kitchen style, whether that’s traditional and elegant, industrial, minimalist and modern, or pretty much any other style.

6. Natural Wood Never Goes Away

Natural wood in kitchen

Designed by the Kitchen Design Pros at Hunt’s Kitchen in Phoenix, AZ

If there’s one style that will never go away, it’s natural wood. Why? Because it’s so versatile. It can be used in virtually any part of the kitchen,from cabinets to chairs, walls, trim and even the island. It can be stained and unfinished, each of which can lend itself to both rustic and refined styles. Whichever style you’re going for, wood is a fantastic way to enhance it.

 7. The Industrial Look Is Still Big

The industrial-style trend started with stainless steel appliances and fixtures and gained a lot of momentum from there. The industrial look can be created using heavy metals, which have a great effect on fixtures, handles and knobs, accents, faucets, sinks and even backsplash.stainless steel fridge and hood

Designed by Jeff & Josh Hunt

Brass is trending right now as a great accent to white cabinets, as are copper, iron and steel, which make excellent accents and are a timeless look for appliances and hardware.

8. Open Shelving Makes A Return

Open shelving has quickly become a fast-growing trend in modern kitchens. Instead of hiding their pots and pans behind cabinet doors, people would rather display their best dishes and utensils for guests to see. Open shelves are the most stylish way to do that.

Open shelves can be made from just about any material and can be used in almost style kitchen. White or wood works for more traditional styles, while metal shelving is very popular for modern industrial and minimalist styles.wood bar cabinet

Designed by Hunt’s Kitchen Designs in Scottsdale, AZ

It’s no wonder they’re becoming so popular. Clean, white open shelves are some of our favorite.

 9. Neutral and Gold Accents Catch On

Neutral colors have been in vogue for a while, but a more recent trend is the proliferation of gold accents and finishes. The gold can be shiny or matte, and is used to great effect on fixtures, lighting, accents and backsplash.

The look also works with white shaker and marble, which are – conveniently – the two most popular cabinet and countertop choices of 2022.

 10. Bright White is Brilliant

White is fantastic at making small spaces seem bigger and more open, and it goes with virtually everything. That’s probably why it was one of the most popular choices for cabinets and woodwork in 2022.white counters and cabinets

Designed by Hunt’s Kitchen Design

White works in almost any configuration and with any style. Shabby chic, glossy, matte. It’s also always a first choice for cottages and beach houses, where the white complements the sea blue and pastel-colored sand. With the right designer, your white kitchen can be designed, modified and steered pretty much anyway you’d like it to go.

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