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You may not recognize The Porcelanosa Group as being a cabinet manufacturer but they specialize in all things kitchen and bathroom. Established in 1973 by founder Pepe Soriano, this company (and their subsidiaries), are responsible for producing ceramic and porcelain products, kitchen and bathroom accessories, including high-end kitchen cabinets.

Their product line can be summarized as elegant with sophisticated aesthetics that revolve around traditional to contemporary styles. Not only have they earned success and the title of the best custom manufacturer in the US, but they are also dedicated to innovation and craftsmanship for the products they provide. Not only that- it’s because of the materials they utilize, their cabinets and products last for years.

It’s not uncommon to see solid wood construction, veneers, quality finishes, and reliable hardware built into their cabinet designs. They offer a complete design service from start to finish through a network of showrooms and kitchen design partners. Using this customization method, customers can visualize cabinetry for their kitchen that matches their desire for a custom kitchen design.

The overall design for Porcelanosa cabinets is immediately easy to spot, as their sense of style is filled with strong overtones of European and Italian simplicity. It’s the originality and luxury-level appearance that catch their customers by incorporating such a classy style. Interestingly enough, they offer many more additions and design solutions for every part of your home in a variety of wood materials, finishes, and decorative touches.


What About Pricing For Their Cabinetry?

Cabinets making in Porcelanosa

You can expect Porcelanosa cabinets will be pricy. Final cost varies based on customization addons and materials selected. You can expect a large kitchen with all custom cabinets to cost upwards of $50K. For average kitchens, you can find prices as low as $30K.

You will find they do have a design retainer that is requested if you contract them for cabinetry services. This is to ensure the quality of the design you are looking to have created until you actually pay the total cost of having the cabinets manufactured. Some customers are hesitant about this, but like many high-end cabinetry services, this is standard.


How They Compare To Other Cabinet Companies

customer Checking cabinets in Porcelanosa

It’s hard to compare Porcelanosa cabinets to those manufactured in the USA since their cabinets are all made in Europe. Their style of cabinetry making is strictly controlled with more scrutiny towards providing high-end and top-shelf quality standard results. This is why the wood, materials, and finishing processes all have higher quality control when custom cabinets are created.

In addition, the cabinets are then shipped to the US accordingly to the destination to be uncrated and installed by cabinetry professionals. Porcelanosa also ships its samples to many showrooms all over the US so customers can immediately see the difference in person when visiting a kitchen design service. This allows customers to also notice a difference in quality and practicality over the samples provided by US-based cabinetry manufacturers.


What Do Customers Have To Say About Their Cabinetry And Showrooms?

Porcelanosa Showroom

According to Trustpilot, with an average rating of 4.1 (4 out of 5 stars) among a customer review of over 2,800 happy customers, Porcelanosa meets the needs of its customers. Despite the upper-scale cost of their cabinetry, their cabinets are not-so-surprisingly hearty and long-lasting. Other customer reviews revealed that the finishes are extremely well-crafted and durable to withstand daily usage for years.

Many other customers often remarked how friendly the services and helpfulness that were provided in having issues or questions about their cabinets. All in all, many customers were very pleased with the purchase of their cabinets in general. And though there are some comments from those who did not want to purchase Porcelanosa cabinets because of their non-refundable design retainer policy, they don’t have many negative reviews.


Porcelanosa And Their Subsidiary Companies

The Porcelanosa Group guide

The Porcelanosa Group consists of several different companies that each have their own specialty products. Here is a sample of those that feature additional add-ons that go into kitchens and bathrooms.

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L’Antic Colonial Logo
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Gamadecor has a variety of cabinetry solutions that further spread into the bathroom or within your home. They feature kitchen and bathroom furniture including cabinets, sinks, countertops, and storage solutions. Their designs are classically modern giving a glimpse of the past with a modern twist. Their designs cover Spanish designs using bold colors and sleek lines that are perfect for contemporary to transitional.

Their prices depend on the materials that are used and are also on the luxury scale of competitive pricing in this category.

L’Antic Colonial

Another subsidiary is L’Antic Colonial, which primarily produces luxurious bathroom furniture. What makes them stand out is using natural elements such as marble or wood combined with contemporary design elements including bold colors or stainless steel accents. They also offer traditional designs as well as modern pieces, making any space feel elegant and inviting. They also feature an array of creating custom cabinets, home décor, and specialty mosaics.

Their prices will lean on the higher side of most budgets, but this is mainly due to the choice of their premium materials. Once crafted, these items tend to become family heirlooms that will last generations to come.


Venis began back in 1986 and has only been part of Porcelanosa since 2021 to create what is called the Venis Projects. They produce highly specialized ceramic tile using innovative techniques incorporating contemporary style into nearly any defining space. They further feature tiles that include classic styles up to modern designs. These tiles come in various shapes and sizes, making it possible to create several configurations for floors and walls.

Though they aren’t much more expensive than quality tiles, complex designs that are requested tend to be pricier due to the complexity or size of what a client is requesting.


Systempool is a provider of wash basins, sinks, tubs, and much more for any home bathroom. Their designs tend to fit in with contemporary and modern styles and match the looks and style of Porcelanosa products nicely. They further feature accessories and shower trays to complete a tub or shower setup. They even feature an elegant collection of shower heads and spray columns for luxurious shower enclosures.

Prices are more or less costlier than most you’ll see on the market since the materials used for Systempool products are built well and made from quality materials.


If the selection of bathroom sinks and tubs wasn’t enough from Systempool, this is where Noken picks up the slack. They produce many more interesting and modern-looking bath fixtures that lean heavily on inviting and transitional to modern styles. They also feature an array of shower fixtures from elegant faucets to overhead rain curtains in a variety of finishes from polished chrome to classic brass.

Luckily, their prices are more affordable and are leaning toward mid-range levels unless a customer is looking for additional customization.


Summing Up Porcelanosa

If you love the look of European design and favor the modernistic appearance that is highly stylized, Porcelanosa is your best choice for luxury products. It’s pricy for the average pocketbook but is certainly a steal for quality and craftsmanship. If you compare similar items that fall into the same category, you’ll find that Porcelanosa is well within the range of affordability considering their products last for years.

In the cabinetry category, the overall standards are second to none for high-end custom cabinets. If you’re looking for something different and want an established Italy-based company to craft your next renovation or upgrade kitchen cabinet project, Porcelanosa is our recommended choice.

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