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Unlike many other cabinet manufacturers we’ve reviewed, Brighton Cabinetry brings something different to the table. Not only are they a relatively new company that has been around for more than one-quarter of a century, but they are also a leading custom cabinet maker in the business. They provide a one-stop service for custom-crafted cabinetry using the latest technology but insist on high-end quality using traditional woodworking and assembling techniques.

Brighton Cabinetry is based in Neoga, Illinois, and currently has nearly 30 years of experience creating custom cabinetry for their clients all over the Midwest. Their specialty is custom cabinetry, so you won’t find any series collections or semi-custom cabinets that are premade. Everything that Brighton makes is custom-tailored to meet the individual needs of every single customer. This process all starts with the style and theme for a custom kitchen or bathroom.

Not only do they incorporate elegance and practicality into their cabinetry, but the choices of wood species, specialty glass doors, storage options, and even integrated appliance spaces are also all factored into their cabinet designs. Considering that they only started back in 1994, Brighton Cabinetry has become a top leader in the custom cabinetry community. They further offer their services to both commercial and residential markets with a diverse range of services.

To stay ahead of the trends, they are continually introducing new and exciting cabinet designs and configurations for their clients. And though their designs are primarily custom cabinetry, they will offer previously made designs that help clients decide on a style that is better fitting to their needs. In the end, the finished design is always what suits the needs for the practicality and functionality of where these cabinets are placed.

Additionally, the sheer beauty of their cabinetry is yet another aspect of Brighton that needs to be mentioned. They insist on using the best-sourced wood materials for their doors and cabinets, even going so far as to offer veneers of the same wood species on the interior of their cabinets. In total, they further boast 1000s of combinations of door styles, wood colors and stains, and finishing options.

They not only serve as a cabinetry company that customers can contact directly, but have partnered with many smaller design cabinetry showrooms to make their services more available. And while most people will imagine that custom cabinets are too pricy, they are actually competitive with their pricing for overall affordability.


What Makes Brighton Cabinetry Different?

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The real beauty of custom-made cabinetry isn’t that all of Brighton’s cabinets are made individually for each client. Their attention to detail and the added features which make their cabinets functional are what customers can spot right away. Since each cabinet project also works from exact measurements, their installations also reflect the superior usage of space to maximize what is being created.

Full custom Vs Semi-custom

While their cabinets are considered custom as a design service, Brighton offers two types of cabinet doors that are dubbed custom and semi-custom. The semi-custom doors are all part of a preset collection and become aptly named for their particular style. Custom doors are likely added to this collection to show further possibilities of what they can produce. With so many wood species, finishes, and colors to choose from, these combinations alone are astounding.

Functionality and features

Brighton Cabinets are using high-end hinges and slides that come from Germany to ensure their cabinets work for decades without problems. They also work into the design to include fine features such as soft-close doors or drawers, and self-closing hinges that make sure cabinet doors are always closed neatly. They have an extensive line of add-ons that make shelf and drawer organization more efficient.


As soon as you hear the word custom cabinets, you start thinking about a second mortgage on your home. What most people do not know is that Brighton Cabinetry is very competitive with their pricing which immediately offsets the concerns of paying sky-high prices. You’ll be glad to know their semi-custom cabinets (which are labeled Value Cabinets), start at $20 per linear foot. Their custom cabinets all start at $30 per linear foot depending on the overall size.

The pricing will also depend on the type of wood species that is ordered and how much of it is added to the interior upon request.

They have oak, hickory, rustic hickory, maple, cherry, walnut, red birch, clear alder, rustic alder, quarter-sawn oak, weathered grain quarter-sawn oak, and a plethora of staining and color options.

When veneers are added to the interior of plywood-based cabinet frames, the same appearance is achieved with an extra fee.


What Do Customers Have To Say About Their Cabinetry? 

 Brighton cabinetry shop

It’s not hard to find customer reviews for Brighton Cabinetry online, and the overall response is positive. Their cabinets are built to last, as are the surfaces, and finishes.

Since much of Brighton’s hardware comes from Germany, the functionality of hinges is superior to several other manufactures. Many customers have commented that they bring their cabinetry with them when they move because of the quality built into them.


Pros And Cons Of Their Cabinetry

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  • There are a wide range of styles and finishes to choose from.
  • The materials used are always high-quality construction materials and hardware.
  • They provide exceptional customer service.
  • They do offer competitive pricing for custom cabinetry.
  • There are solid hardwood options available in addition to veneers


  • Their custom orders can become pricy depending on the wood species
  • They have a limited amount of accessories that are ideal for some applications

Summing Up

Brighton Cabinetry is a great choice for custom cabinets that are high quality and include many options for creating an original style for any kitchen or bathroom. Their pricing is negotiable if you are specifically asking for their Value Cabinets, but for the ultimate customized services, they are hard to beat when compared to other custom-built cabinets.

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