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Forevermark Cabinetry is a relatively new cabinet manufacturer, started in the early 2010s. They’re located in Edison, New Jersey but some online sources cite they are actually located in East Brunswick.  Their original line of pre-made cabinets was being imported from various outlets in China until trade restrictions made it virtually impossible, so their latest cabinet lines now are imported from a variety of cabinet producers in Vietnam.

Forevermark cabinets are designed with affordability in mind. Because of their high volume sales through big distributors such as, and other similar e-commerce sites. They have quickly become one of the best RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) cabinet providers in the US. They are owned by The Shekia Group LLC and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and are also certified by Greenguard-Gold for safety and quality.

Unlike many other established cabinetry manufacturers, finding more info on Forevermark is no further than their website which features all of their cabinets and related product info. As usual, we do like to provide as much info on how well these cabinets hold up and what customers think of their cabinet lines. In the end, you can determine if Forevermark is in your best interest for its value and quality.


Forevermark, an Affordable Cabinet Manufacture

Assembling Forevermark Cabinets

For the price that customers can expect with Forevermark’s cabinetry, it’s further worth noting that their cabinets are RTA. This means that any delivery of Forevermark cabinets will require them to be assembled using the predrilled holes to put each cabinet together. This makes their cabinets a good choice for anyone looking for a break on shipping and costly construction costs.

A typical corridor kitchen (10×10) can run between $2,300 to 2,800 with prices rising upwards of $14,000 for pricier models offered through kitchen design showrooms. They do provide warranties on cabinet parts that range from 2 to 5 years for hardware replacements and manufacturing defects. Many customers feel that Forevermark cabinets are very similar to Big Box Store bargain cabinets in terms of pricing and overall quality. To get a better idea of what you can expect to pay for various types of cabinetry, check out this article.


What to Know

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The materials used to create Forevermark cabinets are a combination of wood materials that are all sourced within Vietnam. These include plywood, hardwood, fibreboard, and MDF. Cabinet door frames and frame faces are all using birch hardwood while center panels are mainly medium-density fibreboard or MDF. Birch is then stained or painted to reflect a variety of wood species and is sealed with UV-resistant Sherwin-Williams finishes.

These cabinets are best in a climate that is typically 40-50% humidity where warping will not be a problem for its owners. Any humidity above this level around 70% humidity and cabinets will start to warp. When there is a drop-down to 20%, customers can experience similar warping defects due to the loss of moisture. Needless to say this isn’t much of concern for us Arizonans.

Forevermark does have a good selection to choose from as long as you’re not too picky. They do provide a Kitchen Planner PDF for creating floor plans. This type of cabinetry is also better suited for those looking to build their cabinets without hiring contractors for installation.

They also feature an inspiration gallery that provides ideas for customers looking to create a semi-custom kitchen design using Forevermark cabinets.

They do have great press being featured on HGTV, Better Homes and Gardens, and the DIY Network.

If assembled correctly, Forevermark cabinets are a good value for their low-cost effectiveness.


Pros & Cons

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As with any solution that is offered in the RTA category of kitchen cabinetry, Forevermark does have plenty of pros and cons. It depends on where you read the reviews and where their cabinets are located within the US. According to Yelp reviews, many unhappy customers feel these cabinets are overpriced and cheaply manufactured. Others complained about the low-end quality and several issues with scratching or manufacturing damage.

The reviews on were a bit more positive and forgiving where customers had similar problems, but not as harsh as Yelp customers had posted. In a nutshell, here is what you can expect for pros and cons:


  • They are a good low-cost and budget-minded for the average DIY enthusiast
  • When assembled correctly and taken care of with continual care, they can last years
  • These cabinets are a great alternative if you need something quick or last-minute


  • They are prone to warping, scratching, or including manufacturing defects
  • Customer service for customers is often difficult unless you are persistent

Similar Manufactures

Fabuwood and KraftMaid

Among the manufacturers that can be considered direct competition for Forevermark include Fabuwood and KraftMaid and Rev-A-Shelf. It seems that Fabuwood is another RTA cabinet that is produced with preassembly in China and skirts the trade restriction due to other materials being shipped to the Chinese manufacturing plant. Fabuwood is yet another US cabinetry importer from Long Island, NY that started in 2009. They have grown into a multi-million dollar industry simply because they offer low-cost kitchen cabinetry from globally sourced materials that are imported to their Newark, New Jersey-based shipping warehouse.

If you’ve heard of KraftMaid before, you’ll know they are made in the US and aren’t bad quality. In terms of US sales, Forevermark rivals KraftMaid in terms of volume, but not overall quality. KraftMaid has had its fair share of quality and finishing issues.



Forevermark is a budget-friendly alternative that carries just as many risks as you would get from buying cabinets from The Home Depot. In terms of an RTA cabinet, there are certainly cheaper cabinets you can purchase that will yield the same results. These types of cabinets are mass-produced to be convenient and low-priced. If you spend a little bit more on your overall budget, you can upgrade to a manufacturer like KraftMaid.

The wear and tear on any kitchen is almost certainly a proving ground for all cabinetry where dings and spills are bound to happen. In conditions where kitchen activities are most certainly heavier and more active, perhaps Forevermark cabinets cannot hold up to the non-stop usage that higher-quality kitchen cabinetry is meant to perform.

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