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There are success stories in the cabinetry world, but none is more moving and inspirational than the history behind Bellmont Cabinet Co. Founder Steve Bell, prior to establishing Bellmont Cabinet Co., completed tentative improvements for various contractors for years. Upon ordering more than 100K in supplies and contractor services, Steve’s two main contractors were busted in an undercover drug smuggling sting.

Not only did Steve not get paid by these shifty contractors, but he also faced the biggest challenge of his life; repaying the debt that had fallen upon him. Rather than throw in the hat, Steve was driven to make a difference and make good on his promise to pay back everyone he owed money to, with interest. This is where Steve also launched an idea that would become a huge success and the formation of Bellmont Cabinet Co in Sumner, Washington.

It seems that back in 1986, the concept of frameless cabinets was still considered a novelty, yet Steve saw potential in switching gears from his “Build Out” business to manufacturing a new type of frameless cabinetry business. It didn’t take long before dealers in 1987 were inquiring about his cabinetry and saw early success in just 6 years. On top of that, Steve and his new manufacturing business were able to repay his debt and still have profit to expand his good efforts.

Bellmont Cabinet Co. is a family-owned and operated business to this day and has innovated how we see frameless cabinets; with a sense of sustainability and practicality. By 2004, they have achieved greater success with the opening of a 185,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. They have grown 5 times their size since then and their cabinets are proudly made in the USA. They also employ over 300 skilled assemblers and craftsmen who are all part of Bellmont Cabinet Co.


More About Bellmont Cabinets

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One of the biggest advantages of Bellmont cabinets is that they are versatile in their production method. All of their sourced materials are purchased from Europe and globally-located dealers and are then upgraded, finished, and assembled in their Sumner, Washington facility. They use sustainable products and recycled materials which provide a better solution for global and eco-friendliness.

Their cabinets are also just as much made from real wood as they are from composites. They have gone so far as to include textured laminates with antibacterial protection and 100% recycled PET film that is specially bonded to PDF board. While many of their wooden surfaces are still finished using traditional staining and glazes on a wide variety of real wood species from cherry, ample, and oak.

The way that Bellmont cabinets are produced allows for any manufacturing defects to be easily removed from a cabinet base using a modular attachment system. This allows customers to easily replace, upgrade, and remove doors (or the sides) of a cabinet with very little effort. And their assembly process is very similar to RTA (Ready to Assemble), each order with Bellmont is built to order.

This allows customers to get the exact measurements they request with a great choice of model series and a plethora of finishes, colors, and hardware, to choose from. They further feature a fantastic limited lifetime warranty on all of their cabinets and come with the KCMA-certified quality seal. And though their cabinets are limited to a handful of styles to choose from, they are ideal for those looking for immediate cabinet results that can be shipped out quickly.

Bellmont Cabinet Co. Cabinet Series

The 1300 series Bellmont Cabinets
The 1600 series Bellmont Cabinets
The 1900 series Bellmont Cabinets
The VERO series Bellmont Cabinets

The 1300 series

The 1300 series is one of the newest series of cabinets that Bellmont has unveiled to appeal to customers looking for an alternative to fast and affordable with a lot of styles. The concept is very simple since a customer can order from the 1300 series and choose the finish and sizes they want right away. It then is assembled in record time and then shipped to the customer with little waiting time making these cabinets a great budgetary consideration.

Bellmont Cabinet Co. Cabinet Series

The 1600 series

With the 1600 series, you will find that these cabinets are more designed to meet semi-custom preferences for customers at an affordable price. This allows for ideal storage capacity and maintains the sleek and clean appearance these frameless cabinets offer. The doors come in a full range of colors that are meant to have a timeless look for any kitchen. Some of the built-in bonuses include soft.-close hinges, built-in lighting, spice racks, and pull-out drawers.

The 1900 series

With the 1900 series of cabinets, you have more customization capability than you’ll find with any other series from Bellmont. These cabinets offer customers 60 different choices of doors from traditional to transitional. The choice of colors and wood species also makes this series more of a precise fit for your cabinetry needs. They have further added special add-ons including glass doors and metal frames for those who want to upgrade their cabinet order.

It’s still considered an excellent value for the cost that customers will pay and is perhaps their most sophisticated cabinet with many features that make them very popular.

The VERO series

One of the instant attractive features of the VERO series is the clean lines and linear appearance these cabinets have to offer. They are very modern looking and are meant to not have external hardware attached to preserve the smooth exterior. If you’re looking for clean and crisp lines with a variety of colors or wood-like textures for laminates, this series fits both modern and transitional kitchens very nicely.

Budget-wise, the VERO series is very much a cost-effective bargain for those who appreciate clutter-free cabinets that don’t make your kitchen appear overly busy.


Wrapping It Up…

Bellmont Cabinetry Cabinets

With any pre-assembled and semi-custom cabinetry that is being offered at a cheaper price, you do need to look at two major selling points. When it comes to quality, Bellmont does have better quality than most of the pre-assembled cabinets out there today. They do have a very good assortment of real wood species that is of genuine quality for what is being offered. That’s not to say it won’t experience wear and tear like any other cabinet in your kitchen.

The bottom line is a careful consideration for choosing Bellmont over any other manufacturer that can deliver in as little time as they do. With that being said, they do make up for this with their customer service which is always fast and friendly if there are any problems. The real problem that often comes from Bellmont cabinets is from kitchen designers that do not understand the frameless style and how it should be configured.

Many customers who have ordered their cabinets have realized they did not have expert assistance when the ordering process occurred. This often results in bad choices in cabinetry that spoils the look these frameless cabinets are meant to provide. We completely understand the aspect of frameless cabinetry and can assure you that our suggestions for Bellmont cabinetry design choices will be 100% customer satisfaction.

Bellmont cabinets are best for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable classic frameless cabinet for their kitchen remodeling project.

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