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When searching for a cabinet manufacturer that has plenty of experience and an eye for what customers are looking for, Merillat Cabinets has certainly proven its worthiness for quality and function.

Born from the age of a booming US economy after the Second World War, Merillat Cabinets began in 1946 originally as a woodworking company. Their first factory was housed within a 2,400-square-foot warehouse located in Adrian, Michigan.

They grew in popularity and pioneered many techniques including the addition of Formica laminates to injection molding and vinyl-clad raised panel cabinet doors. By the 1980s, they had gained the ability to produce more than 270 kitchens per day and were approached by the industry leader Masco Corporation.

This is the same company that offers KraftMaid Cabinets, QualityCabinets, and the DeNova brand of countertops.

They officially changed their name to Masco Builder Cabinetry Group in 2008 to later become a consolidated company called Masco Retail Cabinet Group which combines KraftMaid Cabinets, QualityCabinets, and the DeNova brand under a single brand name. By 2010, they merged again with an Ohio-based cabinet manufacturer to finally become Masco Cabinetry.

Although the Merillat brand now centers its world headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, they currently have 10 strategic manufacturing plants all over the USA. If you’re thinking about remodeling or upgrading your kitchen or bathroom, the selection of Merillat cabinets offers a beneficial solution for any homeowner, builder, or designer.


Cabinet Collections

Merillat Cabinets Collections

Currently, you’ll find that Merillat cabinets aren’t such an extensive collection of styles but rather individually grouped into select categories. These categories define beauty and charm including design aesthetics that are perfect for budget-minded customers and lifestyle interests.

Here is what their cabinetry lineup includes:

various collection options from merillat cabinetsMasterpiece Collection

This is the highest level of cabinetry that Merillat has to offer when looking for custom-design cabinets that are as close to custom-made as they get. These cabinets include custom modifications that aim to please utilizing high-end finished, trend-setting cabinet doors, and innovation storage solutions. This category thus creates the most extensive and personalized design of cabinetry for those looking for something unique.

Classic Collection

For those who are searching for classic designs that are built to last and encompass stunning basic styles at affordable costs, their Classic Collection is a smart decision. This category still features high-end finishes, smart designs, and select design preferences. You can still get a lot for your money’s worth by choosing from cabinets in this medium-level price range.

Basics Collection

This category is a bit more than simple pre-fabricated cabinets and was meant for folk who are looking to keep budget-minded kitchen and bathroom projects on track. Make no mistake, as these cabinets are designed for everyday use, they are meant to last for as long as you own them. For exceptional value, this category still features great finishes, design options, and stylish designs that are perfect for anyone on a tight budget.


Cabinet Door Styles

Among the variety of colors, wood finishes and stains, wood species, and finishing techniques the choice of cabinet doors that Merillat offers is very simple. Despite there being only three specific styles of doors, the shapes and designs for each corresponding shape can enhance and further customize any kind of kitchen design.

Raised Panel

Any kitchen that includes a classic or traditional style will be very content to include raised panel cabinet doors. These are doors that have 4 stylish outer frame pieces with several formed edge configurations to select from. The center board is also raised with a matching or similar design that brings further depth to a cabinet door. The number of colors, finishes, and wood types will complete the perfect look for classic through transitional cabinet styles.

Recessed Panel

Recessed panels are often called shaker panels since four pieces create a border frame and a basic centerpiece that is sunken inward to show off the framed door rather than drawing attention away from the door panel itself. It’s perfect for traditional or transitional styles and will be more impressive once the color and finish selection is complete.

Flat Panel

Flat panels are just as they sound and are meant to be sleek and smooth in appearance for modern designs. They work just as well for traditional kitchens if they are distressed or have rich colors or textures. Because flat panels don’t have raised edges or recessed areas, they create a clean appearance for kitchen surfaces that weren’t intended to look so busy. This is why this style works perfectly for modern kitchens that rely on stylish minimalist aesthetics.

See more on various types of cabinets for a better idea of what style you like best, then jump over to our design ideas page to get more inspiration on creating the kitchen of your dreams.


Why Choose Merillat Cabinets?

Making Cabinets in Merillat Cabinetry factory

If you haven’t seen what Merillat Cabinets offer in their range of features and beneficial extras, you’ll soon find what makes them stand out as a premier cabinet manufacturer. Here are some of their highlighted selling points that make them a practical solution for your kitchen.


Cabinets aren’t just for looks only and are meant to be as functional as possible with a user-friendly design that allows them to last a lifetime. They incorporate a variety of materials including solid wood, plywood, and time-tested building techniques that provide strength and durability in the long run.

Customizable Storage

Storing items inside cabinets isn’t just a matter of pure luck, since there must be added features that allow for maximized storage solutions. This includes excellent options for accessibility and convenience. You’ll find that Merillat Cabinets include pull-out shelves, drawer dividers, roll-out trays, and storage shelves for smaller items and accessories.

Wide Range of Styles

Individual style is what Merillat Cabinets has offered for over 70 years, so they know what touches on the most popular cabinet styles and designs that customers prefer the most. Adding to this is the nearly endless array of accessories, and cabinet door choices for traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles that are offered.


It’s not uncommon that cabinet manufacturers are following environmental standards and use sustainable materials. This helps to create eco-friendly cabinets that won’t be a burden if they need to be recycled for any number of reasons. Merillat Cabinets is proud to be a member that is certified by the KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association) under the “Environmental Stewardship Program” to ensure environmental standards are 100% compliant.

Lifetime Warranty

Manufacturing defects and faulty construction is an issues that cabinet makers want to avoid, which is why Merillat Cabinets offer a limited lifetime warranty on these issues. It’s an extra step that lets you know that your investment is protected from manufacturing defects or problems that come from anything they have produced in their factories.

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