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It’s hard to believe that there’s a quality company that makes Ready to Assemble (RTA) cabinets that are easy to put together and look stylish too.

If you’re not in the market for buying pre-made cabinets and are looking for a satisfying assembly experience, Quicklock Cabinets are worth looking into. We’ll breakdown what we like about their line of RTA cabinets and why we’ve chosen to feature them in our list of the top cabinet companies.


About Quicklock Cabinets

Quicklock Cabinets Workshop

Quicklock Cabinets is an American made family-business that’s been around since 2001. All of their cabinets are built in Pennsylvania and have a 100% commitment to quality using budget-friendly solid woods like maple, hickory, and cherry. This makes them durable and easy to assemble using the Quicklock system. Not only do they offer an impressive array of cabinets with different styles and finishes, but they’ll also be perfect for nearly any home décor.


Why Choose Quicklock Cabinets?

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For anyone who enjoys DIY-style projects, Quicklock Cabinets are affordable and an ideal choice.

Affordable Options:

The best-selling point for Quicklock Cabinets is that they are the best choice for affordable RTA cabinetry without sacrificing any quality. For the price that you pay, you get a great-looking kitchen that is a fraction of the price you would pay with pre-made cabinets.

Easy to Assemble:

Each cabinet style comes with easy-to-follow instructions that assemble each unit which doesn’t require much work at all. They also provide links online and have Youtube videos that show you the whole process of how each cabinet is put together.

Fast Shipping:

Since you can readily find Quicklock Cabinets from online sources including Amazon or through their main company website, they can ship your order any way you like. If you’re in a hurry, you can even request fast delivery so you only wait a couple days before you receive your new cabinets.

Variety of Styles:

For those who are looking for variety, Quicklock Cabinets has nearly a dozen styles to choose from. These styles include designs that work perfectly for traditional, classic, and modern kitchen cabinetry. They even have bathroom vanities and smaller sectional cabinets.

High-Quality Construction:

These cabinets are using real wood for their cabinet doors with plywood frames and a bit of particle board that’s used to keep Quicklock Cabinet prices affordable.  Once constructed, these cabinets are as sturdy as the kinds of cabinets that are pre-made.


Line of RTA Cabinets

Quicklock RTA Cabinets

Excluding the actual sets of cabinets that come as part of a collection, there are specific types of cabinets that can be ordered to customize your kitchen exactly how you like. Here’s a complete list of the select cabinets they have to offer.

Base Cabinets:

Since base cabinets all come in a variety of sizes depending on your kitchen measurements, each base cabinet ranges from 9 inches to 36 inches wide. You can further choose designs that include drawers or shelving depending on what your storage needs happen to be.

Wall Cabinets:

Wall cabinets are mounted above your base cabinets and also come in a variety of sizes and finishes. It’s easy enough to mix and match cabinet sizes to create a semi-custom look for your wall cabinets.

Pantry Cabinets:

Their pantry cabinets come in two sizes which provides you with 24 inches wide and 36 inches wide.

Corner Cabinets:

For those who are looking to add corner cabinets to create sectional cabinets that are functional, they also offer these to maximize tight kitchen spaces.

Drawer Bases:

For cabinets that require drawers, Quicklock cabinets feature a variety of drawer configurations so you can add just the right amount of drawers for each cabinet.


It’s the finishing touches that make any new kitchen feel complete and customized. This is why you’ll find a generous selection of accessories that include crown moldings, toe kicks, and even filler slats where cabinets are connected.


Materials and Finishes

Man Making Cabinets in Quicklock Cabinetry

By now you already know that Quicklock is using quality hardwood and classic Amish-crafted cabinet designs for all of their collections. To ensure that these surfaces are long-lasting, they go further by including a multi-step finishing and sealing process that provides these wood surfaces to preserve their beauty. Not only that, but these sealers also help protect against fading, chipping, and water damage.

You will also find that the selection of finishes further includes popular choices including solid white, natural earth tones, classic greys and blues, and a variety of rich stain colors.


Ordering and Customer Service

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The ordering process with Quicklock cabinetry can be completed in several ways and payment options include all of the most popular payment methods. Once you’ve ordered your cabinets, they’ll arrive from the delivery choice that works best for you. Now once you get your cabinets, assembly is super simple using the step-by-step instructions. Quicklock even has customer service assistance if you ever need help with assembly problems.


Our Final Take

You can’t beat a cabinet manufacturer that offers an affordable price for its high-quality cabinets. Sure- you do need to assemble these cabinets yourself and doesn’t take very long at all. If you’re handy with planning ahead and want to redo your kitchen, Quicklock is the ultimate do-it-yourself project that isn’t as hard as you might think. They do give you great instructions with a step-by-step process that isn’t like those bad experiences you get with IKEA furniture.

We’re genuinely impressed with the Quicklock cabinets and feel these collections they offer are very impressive for RTA cabinets in general. And, if you’re looking to save some money without having to sacrifice getting quality materials, these guys are your best bet.

Also consider pairing Quicklock cabinets with Rev-A-Shelf’s DIY line of organizational cabinetry.

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