Kitchen Décor & Design Trends for 2023

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Here we are at the beginning of 2023 and as you would expect, so are the hottest kitchen trends. In recent years, many new kitchen designs have offered progressive ideas but nothing as exciting as these new ideas. I’ve studied the newest offerings that give you some of the freshest ideas to consider if you’re gearing-up to remodel or upgrade your kitchen this year.

I pride myself on spending a good deal of effort understanding past and current trends to bring relevant design recommendations to our customers for their kitchen remodels. I definitely consider myself an expert in kitchen design, but I’m still constantly learning new things about this awesome niche. – Jeff Hunt

When it comes to obtaining ideas for remodeling or designing your new kitchen, the Information Age has placed the entire world into the palms of our hands – literally – with the proliferation of smartphones and computers. We are sharing more and more of our lives through these devices everyday.

That’s not necessarily as bad thing, of course. Thanks to the Internet and the ease with which we constantly share and update info with each other, what used to be an expensive and difficult process, like remodeling your kitchen, has become far easier and more accessible. It used to be that you had to hire somebody, pay the “experts” to come to your home and share their expertise just to learn anything about remodeling (and you still should for big projects).

But now, we have a whole world of design and remodel experts at our fingertips, ready to share their expertise and design wisdom. Why not consult them?

Kitchen remodels can now be collaborative efforts involving your family, friends and the network of experts and DIY’ers who we can now connect with online. You can learn virtually anything online from others who have gone the same route, and tips and answers from experts are only a click away. The same goes for a professional kitchen designer like me. – Jeff Hunt

Even industry experts need to spend time learning from other designers and seeing what they have to share. So today, I’d like to share 12 kitchen designs trends and tips from our favorite designers.

It’s often hard to have a crystal ball handy to see what the future has to offer, and indeed- when it comes to selecting kitchen design trends, it’s not an easy task. Many variables stand in the way of which trends are likely to become popular. This is why defining the difference between interior design trends and décor trends are so vital for what can become popular over other mainstream styles.

 Kitchen Design Trends for 2023


Rift Cut Oak with Nude Finish

Rift cut oak is a special cutting method that is unlike the standard methods used to cut cabinet slabs. The trunk is continually rotated so you get consistent grain that remains straight with fewer grain lines that are seen due to the rings that grow outward. It’s also more wasteful than other cutting methods which makes this type of cut more desirable than others. The result is oak cabinetry that has higher water resistance and is equally durable for decades of usage.

A nude finish is an oak surface that isn’t stained or colored but is sealed instead to preserve the intricate and fine grains and rays that are easily seen. For this reason, red and white oak make excellent choices. Red oak always features rays that are shorter and slightly darker than white oak which is longer and lighter. In many ways, this choice is better suited for interior design practicality rather than simply décor. It’s a choice that is always best for many decades of timeless beauty.

Rift Cut Oak Kitchen Design Trends
Rift Cut Oak Kitchen Design Trends

Custom Light Paint Colors instead of Plain White

For years, white kitchens have become a stable of décor design with beauty that has a stunning effect on a range of kitchen designs. The downside to white kitchens is the amount of cleanup that’s involved to keep splatters and marks from showing up so easily. This is not so much of a problem when the choice of sealed surfaces makes kitchen cabinets easy to clean. In recent years an emerging trend has found that lighter cabinet colors other than plain white are chosen.


The reasoning behind this is lending itself more to décor aesthetics over design trends to allow hints of color and shades. This will match Pantone colors including off-whites, creamy colors, and pastel shades that all lend a hand in customized shades that give kitchens a warmer appearance in any kind of light.

Custom Light Paint Colors for kitchen
Custom Light Paint Colors 2 for kitchen

Unique Paint Colors

Another growing trend that is highly anticipated for 2023 is the interest in unique colors that aren’t specifically from a Pantone palate. These colors are a lot closer to earthy tones including grayish greens and blues. These are perhaps a throwback to colonial colors which are very popular in traditional and country kitchens but are quickly spreading into many other conventional and conservative kitchen styles.

As long as there is an earthy tone that is muted and softened, the end result is calm and relaxing to the eye rather than stark and solid colors. This is also a décor design choice since the surrounding appliances can blend easily within these natural colors that are often found in nature.

2023 Unique Paint Colors 5
2023 Unique Paint Colors 4
2023 Unique Paint Colors 3
2023 Unique Paint Colors 2
2023 Unique Paint Colors

DIY Painted Flooring

This trend seems to go against basic décor best practices; instead of replacing your flooring, you’ll repurpose it to fit your desired décor style.

With the trend of DIY painted flooring, many homeowners are opting to keep their existing kitchen flooring rather than replacing it. This trend is becoming increasingly popular as a way to drastically transform the look of a room without having to remove and replace the flooring. Painting the floor can give the room an entirely new feel and make it look modern, cozy, or even industrial depending on the paint color used. Painting your existing kitchen flooring is a relatively easy job that doesn’t require any professional help.

If you’re up for a weekend project and want to save some money, then painting your existing kitchen flooring may be an option for you. To start this project, see this tutorial we did on painting bathroom tiles here. When selecting colors for your DIY painted flooring project, choose colors that will match with your current décor style. Neutral colors like white or light gray work best for creating a bright and airy space while bolder colors like blue or green add more drama and depth to the room.

diy painted kitchen flooring 2
diy painted kitchen flooring 1

Under-Counter Microwave

Nearly any appliance store will sell countertop microwaves that take up valuable space on any countertop. The only solution in the past to help these appliances blend into a kitchen was to create a custom nook to make that microwave blend in better among other appliances. A hot tip for 2023 is to opt for under-counter microwave models instead. These microwaves are designed to mount just below a countertop surface.

The advantage is having an appliance that looks similar to other appliances including an oven range or broiler with many new models that feature a pull-out drawer rather than a swinging hinged door. This creates smoother lines within any modern kitchen and frees-up limited countertop space. It’s a combination of décor looks and practical kitchen design.

Berge Island Microwave for kitchen 2
2023 Berge Island Microwave for kitchen

Custom Coffee Bar

To say that kitchens and coffee don’t automatically go together like salt and pepper is an understatement. The popularity of gourmet coffee and home brewing has risen to a two-decade high in 2023. An estimated number of 3 out of 4 Americans drink coffee, which balances out to be roughly 68% of the entire US population. This has become more than a fancy trend and will be a top request for kitchen design to include a customized coffee bar in the kitchen.

Custom nooks and bars will include cabinets and storage for a variety of appliances and machines that create and brew coffee. Cups and mugs will be convenient places within reach of any of these décor hubs. And while the needs for each coffee bar area will all be different, the use of hanging cabinets and counter space has built-in outlets nearby to keep everything running as intended.

Custom Coffee Bar designs for kitchen

Double Stacked Cabinets

Kitchens aren’t getting any bigger than the space that you currently have to work with unless you have tall ceilings or decide to raise the roof. Even a standard-sized kitchen with 9-foot ceilings will have the best results for double-stacked cabinets. Rather than being simply a décor trend, practicality has turned the tables for adding extra space for kitchens that don’t offer enough storage capacity.

The visual results of double-stacked kitchens with two rows of hanging cabinets don’t always have to appear overly busy. What these upper sections of cabinets can do, however, is further add classic visual charm to a kitchen while still allowing extra storage benefits.

Double Stacked Cabinets for kitchen
Double Stacked Cabinets for kitchen 3
Double Stacked Cabinets for kitchen 2

Shaker Cabinet Doors

When it comes to the most popular and trending cabinet door style, Shaker cabinet doors remains the most popular choice.

Shaker cabinet doors have become a the go-to cabinet door style because their timeless and invoke a classic look. The design of Shaker cabinet doors are simple and minimalistic, with clean lines and flat panels creating a beautiful geometric pattern. They’re functionality is also on par with modern trends; they are durable, easy to keep clean, and able to be used in any room in the house.


shaker kitchen cabinet doors 2
shaker kitchen cabinet doors 1

Bright Cabinets

Bright colored kitchen cabinets are quickly becoming a trending décor style for kitchens all around the world. Homeowners are choosing bold, bright hues of blue, yellow, green, and other shades to make their kitchens more lively and vibrant. You’ll find this décor trend in many modern and contemporary kitchens.

Since colors help draw attention to the kitchen space these hues can help open up a smaller room or bring more life into an older, outdated kitchen. Colorful cabinets and cabinet doors really give you a chance to be creative and try new color schemes. So if you’re sick of your same old traditional cabinets a splash of color may be just the ticket.


bright kitchen cabinets 2
bright kitchen cabinets 1

Reclaimed Wood Cabinets

Reclaimed wood cabinets is a design trend that has been running strong for the last few years and continues to be popular in 2023 and beyond. They’re unique aesthetic appeal, durability and environmental friendliness make them a great choice. As you’d expect, they have a rustic feel and they’re a eco-friendly natural material. Since they come from old structures, like barns and sheds, or even construction sites, they’re already seasoned and will last longer than newly cut wood cabinets.

If you’re looking for something unique, you can guarantee nobody while have reclaimed wood cabinetry that look like yours as each bundle of reclaimed wood is like nonother. The unique grain patterns, knots and color variations make each piece truly one-of-a-kind which can create a sense of character in your kitchen that can’t be replicated with other materials.


reclaimed kitchen wood cabinets 2
reclaimed kitchen wood cabinets 1

Smart Partitions

Smart kitchen partitions ideas

Integrating creative and stylish partitions into your kitchen is a great way to improve the look and feel of the space, while also providing you with more functional living options. Partitions can be used to divide up different areas in an open plan kitchen, or provide privacy for cooking activities. Mid-century inspired installations like the one shown here by Muchmore Design are particularly popular right now, as they offer both aesthetic appeal and practicality. With careful consideration of size, material and design style, it’s possible to create a partition that will not only enhance the visual impact of your kitchen but also add value to how you use it on a daily basis.

smart kitchen partitions 1

Full Quartz Backsplash

A traditional backsplash will often have a separation between the area between a hanging cabinet and the top leading edge of the backsplash itself. One of the popular trends that have been on the rise for a while now is the full quartz backsplash. This covers the entire wall between the countertop and the hanging cabinet shelf itself. In some cases, it’s allowed to reach the ceiling if there are no shelves or obstructions- just for the sheer visual appearance.

This is certainly a décor trend that does have kitchen design benefits which allow a backsplash area to be easier to clean and maintain. Quartz is not an expensive material and has outstanding abilities to clean off easily using standard kitchen cleaners like soap, water, and a bit of baking soda.

Full Quartz Backsplash kitchen design ideas
Full Quartz Backsplash kitchen design ideas 2

Porcelain countertops

Porcelain countertops are a popular choice for décor and style in 2023 due to their versatility, durability, and attractive appearance.

Porcelain is a non-porous material that is highly resistant to heat, staining, and scratching. It doesn’t require sealing or waxing like granite and marble. Not to mention, porcelain does a good job mimicking natural stones like granite and marble, without the extra maintenance.

Homeowners love all the design options; you can get porcelain in multiple colors, shapes, sizes, edge treatments, patterns and textures.

porcelain kitchen countertops 2
porcelain kitchen countertops 1

Full Quartz Backsplash with Quartz Shelf

For those who want to have the added bonus of hanging shelves mounted onto a full quartz backsplash, this combination is just getting started for 2023. The dual benefit of using the same material for a hanging shelf is stunningly impressive as well as being decorative. Shelves can be supported with brackets or have a floating appearance instead. Either way, this is a décor trend that has been increasingly popular in kitchens where innovative style is a must.

Full Quartz Backsplash with Quartz Shelf kitchen design

Marble Slab Backsplash

write about while [marble] is a trending choice for [backsplashes] in the kitchen

Marble is a timeless material that has been used in construction since the days of ancient Rome. It has an elegant, luxurious look. Marble can resist high levels of heat while its natural non-porous nature make it easy to wipe down even the worst of messes.

Slabs can be cut into intricate designs or shapes to give the finished product an even more personalized touch. Natural marble offers high-end looks for less money than some other materials so its an economical choice for homeowners on a budget. Best of all, its durable so you continue to get value out of installing marble over other materials .

Marble Slab Backsplash for kitchen 2
Marble Slab Backsplash for kitchen 1

LED Lighting Technology

One kitchen trend that has been steadily on the rise for more than a decade is LED lighting in the kitchen. All lights that used to be incandescent are now being replaced with LED lighting fixtures for a variety of reasons. The first reason is simply a practical kitchen design trend that allows lighting to remain constant for several years. Even the intensity and temperature range can be controlled to provide levels of ambiance and comfort.

Newer LED lighting units can last upwards of 10-15 years without replacements needed likewise. Another practical reason relates to the amount of space that fixtures need to occupy. LED fixtures are quite small and use less electricity making it cheaper to light a kitchen with a variety of options without spending more on conventional lighting.

LED Lighting Technology for kitchen 3
LED Lighting Technology for kitchen 2
2023 LED Lighting Technology for kitchen

Smart Kitchens

While the technology isn’t so advanced just yet to ask Alexa to cook the roast for you, Smart Kitchens are spreading in popularity for 2023. Control apps that can be connected to your smartphone are easily linked to every light and appliance that offers an interface for control settings. This can even include coffee machines, oven temperature settings, fan, and temperature controls.

Even those who want to install floor heating for tile floors will allow heating control at the touch of a button can be possible. If these controls can be further linked via Bluetooth or WiFi to smart kitchen appliances, every aspect will have adjustable capabilities with any wireless device you own. This is still a décor aspect that is quickly spreading into the domain of kitchen design trends that feature smart kitchen packages.

2023 Smart Kitchens design ideas 3
2023 Smart Kitchens design ideas 2
2023 Smart Kitchens design ideas

Oven Hood Ventilation

Oven hoods aren’t the ugly chunk of hanging stainless steel they used to be. For 2023, the newest décor-driven trend includes oven hoods that are as unique as your kitchen design allows you to expand upon. The overall function of an oven hood also includes the increased benefit of clearing out unwanted steam and smoke from your oven top range. Many of these vents have interface touchscreen controls with multiple speeds.

Other designs include built-in adjustable lighting so you can illuminate your stovetop area. The only downside is that most of these fans will have no more than 65 decibels of noise that come from them when set to the highest setting. This is no more irritating than your refrigerator noise or normal conversation, which isn’t all that loud compared to sizzling bacon.

Oven Hood Ventilation ideas for kitchen 3
Oven Hood Ventilation ideas for kitchen 2
2023 Oven Hood Ventilation ideas for kitchen

Sustainable Kitchens

This concept is rapidly becoming a big trend for 2023 to include the benefits of sustainable kitchen designs. This means that your kitchen is relying on materials that are eco-friendly and can be repurposed later. If you’re installing wooden cabinets, the benefit is not only long-lasting and environmentally sound, it’s better not to have them painted or stained. Reclaimed décor items are perfectly fine that will match with smart kitchen items that reduce electrical usage too.

Obviously, the demand for sustainability starts with interior design trends that are geared toward long-term kitchen design plans. This reduces the need to replace cabinets until they can be replaced or repurposed in the future.

Sustainable Kitchens design ideas 2
2023 Sustainable Kitchens design ideas

Kitchen Trends to Approach w/ Caution

We’ve covered a lot of design tips, but nothing that typically goes beyond kitchen layout and designs. Some of us really want to know what can go into your kitchen and why. If you’ve seen our history of kitchens, you’ll start to learn how kitchen décor has evolved over the last 100 years and often repeats itself. Here are some expert décor and design rules and suggestions that can fit into nearly any kitchen layout.

1. Kitchen Signs

Kitchen sign top of kitchen cabinets

If you have nostalgic memories of T.G.I. Friday’s or Chili’s, you’ll remember all of those antique signs attached to the walls everywhere. Relax, most people never even knew these were not old at all and could be bought from outlets that specialized in making brand new antiques that looked old. Well, it seems that the old-fashioned look works in many styles of the kitchen including farmhouse to shabby chic.

If there’s a sign that you want to put up, it can seem redundant to have it mention the obvious but there are some excellent exceptions. Why not hang signs that highlight certain areas such as coffee corner’ or Wine Cellar’, as these types of signs give your kitchen a select style that shows you have an intellectual personality. You want to steer clear of signs that come off as pretentious even if these seem like a good idea.

If you’re thinking of adding kitchen signs, they should always have purpose over pointlessness. One of the hottest ideas is a chalkboard where all of the most pressing news and messages are encouraged and posted.

2. Ideas On Open Shelving

Open shelving in kitchen

There is a real charm to having open shelves since you can really add lovely décor to them. These can also boost the level of immerse design that your kitchen delves further into a theme or design. Unless you really enjoy a busy shelf, go ahead and add lots of mason jars and decorative bottles, just keep in mind that you’ll need to clean these shelves fairly often. This can actually be a good thing because you can rotate new décor items to suit the changing seasons as you like. You can also update open shelves by displaying your old collection of antique dinner plates or your personal collection of old milk bottles.

3. Kitchen Desks

Kitchen Island

One of those old ideas that used to be important in the kitchen was the kitchen desk. These days, this pretty much got replaced by the kitchen island and is where you do all of your food preparation and kitchen tasks. If you do decide to have a space set aside for making notes, storing cookbooks, and giving a nice nod to the past, a kitchen desk nook is a good idea. Just be sure to put this in a location where it’s out of the way for all of the other kitchen businesses.

Besides that, you don’t want spaghetti sauce splashing onto your papers and recipe books, so it should be further away from food prep areas and incorporated into breakfast nook zones so these spaces can be universal. Who wouldn’t like to have easy access to review cookbooks or an off-to-the-side relax area to take notes if you’re planning a big meal or party?

4. A Word On Distressed Kitchen Furniture

Antique-looking kitchen

It takes a lot of work to make something look like it’s worn down and old looking. Unless you picked up a real score off of Craigslist, to get that distressed look is adding layers of realism to a kitchen theme. When it’s done right, it makes everything from kitchen cabinets to antique-looking lighting feel like you’ve stepped back in time. There is a limit that you don’t want to cross since this style might clash with the rest of your home.

Then again, since the kitchen is the heart of your home, having it look too run-down might be bad form for those who look at too many distressed items. While this look is very chic in some regards and would fit just fine for any David Fincher themed-film, use a bit of restraint when it comes to overly-weathered décor. It’s also perfectly fine when you use the restored antique appearance that shows off all those decorations with slight imperfections and dings.

5. Stainless Steel Stigmata

Stainless Steel appliances

It used to be that ideal look of the future in American kitchens by adding loads of stainless steel everywhere. Let’s face it, stainless steel is about as useful as go away green’ used extensively at Disneyland. Almost- as if, the entire kitchen is populated with Predator-like appliances that mimic the reflection of anything and everything around it. Modern kitchens use this too extensively that it can work against you at times.

If you decide to add stainless steel appliances, make sure these items have a subtle amount of bling and not a full-blown Pimp My Kitchen scenario. Instead of highly polished chrome, why not settle for softer powder-coated stainless steel or the brushed aluminum look? The point of stainless steel is overshadowed by how overly used it has become. Stick to the expression, Less is More’.

6. Fantastic Plastic

Plastic plates in kitchen

We live in a world where plastic is everywhere and it’s hard to avoid at times. If you have kids, then plastic cups and plates will be your best friend in those years when spills and food often end up on the floor. Yet for most who see this plastic as a cheaper version of kitchenware, it’s always better to have a nice set of plates and cups that are made from ceramic. Heck for that much, save the plastic stuff for backyard parties that are more fitting to that theme.

The only acceptable kind of plastic you should have in your kitchen needs to be good Tupperware. When you have leftovers, plastic containers are handy when there’s a little or a lot. Be sure to buy these in sets so you have a variety to choose from. If you don’t mind spending a little extra, look for the kind that can be vacuum-sealed so leftover foods will last longer in the fridge.

7. Plastic Fruit Displays

Plastic fruit on kitchen island

Some trends are quite tacky and most of these involve displaying plastic fruit. And though the technology has gotten better over the years with some fake fruit looking very realistic, there doesn’t seem to be any reason for adding fake fruit in your kitchen. If you have any kind of fruit bowl or hanging fruit display, make the effort to add only real fruits if they’re intended to be eaten as a snack rather than being the forbidden fruit.

Always place a fruit bowl where everyone can reach it as well. Access to fresh fruit not only makes a colorful statement in your kitchen but also shows you are dedicated to healthy eating too. And a good variety that doesn’t need much preparation such as apples, bananas, pears, peaches, and plums is always a welcome and colorful sight.

8. Curb Your Habits For Binge Collection

Beer bottles in kitchen

Unless you’re an avid collector of unopened beer from all over the world, having a collection of empty beer bottles on a shelf often appears like the aftermath of a frat party. It seems we’re all into collecting something in the kitchen whether it’s kitchen magnets or those kitty clocks with the back and forth eyes… Remember that the golden rule of three is a constant theme in your kitchen, so having a group of matching items is fine as long as they don’t dominate the shelves.

On top of that, be sure to only add decorative items that relate to your kitchen design rather than a curiosity shop dedicated to Tim Burton. Think of adding décor that inspires conversation rather than raising questions. This way, you can jump in to tell a story that gives any guest a little bit of history about why it makes your kitchen so unique.

9. Watch Out For Retro Colors

Avocado green kitchen gadget in kitchen

There used to be a time when stand-out colors in your kitchen were perfectly fine, but there are some trends that don’t need to ruin the aesthetics of your kitchen design. For some reason, there are always brightly-colored appliances that return to be in fashion for a short time, but do you really want to bombard your kitchen with colors that become an eyesore that becomes the focal point every time you enter the room?

Try to stick with design rules for colors and shades that compliment your kitchen rather than seek attention. The worst offender seems to be Kitchen Aid which brought back their 1950s firetruck red and avocado green line of appliances. You can find appealing colors in nearly any kitchen gadget, but choose a color that you’ll enjoy seeing every day.

Knobs and pull handles

Once again, if you are sticking with a kitchen design that needs to follow some rules, the attachments used to open cabinets and drawers also need to be respected. Stick to what makes your cabinets appear classy and uncluttered. You want to avoid buying attachments that are loud and tacky as if you bought them from some hippy dealer at the local flea market. Stick with tasteful and elegant handles that enhance the appearance of cabinets and drawers.

The whole idea of your kitchen is to provide an appearance that shows you have plenty of class. And for most American kitchens, showing which class you live in often strives for showing you strive to be a cut above the rest. So why shouldn’t your kitchen handles and knobs share that respect?

10. Magic Eye Backsplash Tiles

backsplash tiles in kitchen

Adding tile work along the backsplash in any kitchen is very classy and appealing. It’s not until you get certain tile designs that become annoying to look at. These include tiles that have mosaic patterns that can cause your eyes to see images and designs that weren’t intended. This can force the human eye to see patterns or shapes which resemble things like faces and objects we identify with.

It’s not an accident but a mental mechanism that everyone can sense when looking at random patterns, especially mosaic patterns with subtle shades and colors. If you do decide to go with a mosaic design, make sure the person you choose to put in this tile work will prevent this from happening and only see designs and shapes that immediately can be identified for what they appear to be right from the start.

11. Not Another Mason Temple

Mason Jars

We’re talking about mason jars and the return of a trend that built a cult-like following. Mason jars are typically used for home canning and those who love making conserved goodies. Sometime in 2013 however, mason jars started popping up as a hip and cool way to drink from a jar. Seriously, you have to imagine that that yellow-colored lemon-aid cocktail is actually pickle juice!

This trend never seems to go away so save your collection of mason jars for storing in the pantry instead. Sure it sounds shabby chic and perfect for the cast of Friends, but if you want to be classy and refined you don’t serve drinks out of a bathtub, do you?

Kitchen jungles

A plant or flower in the kitchen will always perk up the energy and appearance you want to express, but people often forget that a kitchen simply isn’t a greenhouse. The rule of three is again applied here and no kitchen should have more than three plants or flower arrangements in the same room. This gives you the option to put a vase on the kitchen island, one in the kitchen window, and one on an open shelf.

A great idea is to have your mini herb garden containing three of your most favorite used herbs close to the kitchen window. Some people go overboard with kitchen plants and end up being more of a task of keeping these plants alive rather than enjoying their kitchen.

12. Trendy Tablecloths

Tablecloths for kitchen

Once again, the trend for delicate tablecloths is making a return for some odd reason. In the old days, it was considered a way to show status. This was because lace and other Victorian charm fabrics were elegant and often handmade, making them rare and upscale. In the average home, this presents a problem since these kinds of table coverings are very fragile and can snag on clothing and even a target for small hands.

If you use your tabletop a lot, choose a tablecloth that is meant for daily use and not something that looks like a church altar. If you have kids, chances are you’ll want a tablecloth that is easy to clean and won’t slip off your table like a comedy routine.

Avoid overlapping colors

When you go into a local diner, you’ll often see flashy and bright colors that are placed all over the room. This might inspire some lost era where exciting colors make you excited, but your kitchen wasn’t meant to offend the senses. In some cases, loud colors that overlap can be irritating and even trigger senses that you didn’t intend to offend. Your kitchen needs to have neutral colors that inspire and help beautify the décor you have to display.

You want to avoid a trigger warning with family and friends if you decide to put colors on the walls that could potentially distract those who are in your kitchen. These colors are fine for diners and themed restaurants since nobody stays for long after they finish their meal. You want your kitchen to relax everyone for hours at a time inspiring conversation and enjoying great meals.

13. Avoid Problematic Kitchen Themes

Tuscan Theme kitchen design

You know that we love kitchen designs that inspire the senses, but some themes that have grown in popularity are simply being done poorly. Here are three examples of design rules that always get the wrong idea when it comes to décor built into the design.

Tuscan kitchen design

This recent trend is gaining in popularity that features a Mediterranean feel that is exotic and very European from the Italian coastal village perspective. There is a lot of hanging décor including pots and pans, kitchen utensils, and plenty of herbs and garlic hanging everywhere. The problem is that this design looks cool but how practical will this be for you out of necessity?

Chefs who like this design are likely used to using this design already, whereas it might be problematic for those who don’t like that everything is within an arm’s reach.

Barnhouse kitchen design

You’ve heard of farmhouse kitchens before but a new trend called Barnhouse is getting a lot of attention lately. It really takes the décor elements to peak levels by adding unpractical elements into your kitchens such as milk pitchers used as flower vases, ceramic roosters on the shelf, and barn door cabinets that are very rustic. Even the lighting is recreating the kind of high-hanging lights seen inside a barn.

What makes this design idea fail is that the attention to detail is too focused on a place where you would never want to cook food. Perhaps raising food like cows and pigs would be better if you don’t mind adding straw all over the floor

All-white kitchen design

The concept of all-white kitchens has always been the dream of many people. The heavenly feeling of so-much light and clean-looking things in a single room is so appealing. If you’ve ever cooked in a kitchen before, you know it can get messy in a very short period. You see these colors used in dental and medical rooms because the appearance makes it easier to sanitize.

You aren’t in a lab creating super-secret food for the future, so why should your kitchen be so sterile? Make your daily chores easier by choosing colors that are not going to show every little fleck of food that you have to clean up more often.

Where to Find More Interior Design Ideas

how to search google kitchen design trends

Most of the best ideas you can find come from searching the internet. Google is a very reliable source that can find lots of picture ideas. The more search words you add to your kitchen design search query narrows the time you spend looking. You might want to put together a collection of elements that you like the most. In the end, you need to look at your kitchen and see where everything can be rearranged.

A simple sketch is all that’s needed is often enough to give to a designer. This is so they know what you like in the kitchen design. You have to point out what goes where and why it should have certain storage needs. With their technology, they can recreate this into a 3D computer rendering that you can see from all angles. After that, your kitchen can start to be transformed.

About Sabrina Soto
Several of our design trend recommendations come from inspiration by interior designer Sabrina Soto. She’s best known for the doling out design advice on the HGTV network show “The High Low Project” and TLC’s “Trading Spaces.” But most recently, in an article in Coastal Living magazine, Sabrina shared a few trends she thinks are hot in kitchen design, right now.



What is the most popular kitchen color for 2023?

For 2023, the most popular kitchen colors are navy and white. Navy gives a rich, sophisticated look that pairs well with white for a classic, timeless feel. This color palette is versatile enough to work in both modern and traditional designs, making it the perfect choice for any kitchen style. Plus, the combination of navy and white helps create an atmosphere of relaxation and peacefulness that’s perfect for cooking or gathering with family or friends.

Are black kitchens in style 2023?

No, black kitchens are not expected to be in style in the coming years. We’re seeing a lot more color trend in kitchen designs these days.

What is going out of style for kitchens?

Kitchen trends that seem to be trending out of style in 2023 include solid white kitchens, open kitchen layout floor plans, black hardware, faux finishes, herringbone backsplashes and open appliances over the stove. These features have become outdated and many people are beginning to look for more modern design elements.

Is granite still in style 2023?

After 30 years, granite seems to have run its course and begging to fall out of style with less home builders including granite countertops in their developments.

Its limited in its range of colors and patterns. Granite also requires more maintenance than other materials such as quartz or engineered stone, as it is vulnerable to staining, chipping, and cracking if not properly sealed. In addition, granite is often more expensive than other countertop materials and can add considerable costs to renovation projects. Furthermore, the rise in eco-consciousness has brought attention to the environmental impact of sourcing and shipping granite. The process of extracting granite from quarries is known to cause damage to nearby ecosystems and the long distances minerals must travel from quarry sites to warehouses can result in high carbon emissions. As a result, alternative materials like quartz are becoming increasingly popular for their strength, durability, low maintenance requirements and eco-friendliness.

Are white kitchens out 2023?

It’s difficult to say definitively if white kitchens will be out of style in the coming years, as home design is constantly changing. However, many current trends point towards warmer tones and natural materials for the kitchen space. Organic elements like wood and stone are popular choices for countertops and cabinets, while warm tones such as terracotta reds, earthy greys and sage greens are being seen more often. Overall, it looks like a shift away from stark whites may be on the horizon by 2025.

Are white cabinets going out of style 2023?

White is still the most popular kitchen cabinet and kitchen cabinet door color in 2023 but as trends continue to the integration of more color its very possible that white while loose its place as the most popular choice in coming years.

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