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If you’ve been looking for the leading brand of storage solutions for your cabinetry, spoiler alert; Rev-A-Shelf is a brand to consider. Now that we’ve given our hand away, you’ll see why we’ve featured them in our roundup of the best cabinet manufactures in the country. Rev-A-Shelf has consistent reputation that has led them through four decades of continual innovation and improvement, their products are high-quality and worth the money. Their storage solutions are versatile, they fit easily, and are efficiently for any kitchen, bathroom, or cabinetry construction.

We’ll review the benefits, features, and helpful pros and cons that this storage solution has to offer.


About Rev-A-Shelf:

Rev-A-Shelf workshop

As many good ideas start, they often come from reinventing the mousetrap (so to speak) when it comes to the story of Rev-A-Shelf. An established company by the name of Jones Plastics and Engineering was already in operation in 1961 in Louisville, Kentucky when an employee named David Noe came up with an idea in 1978. He came up with a plan to utilize the molded plastic appliances that Jones Plastics was already manufacturing.

The idea would go on to become a vital subsidiary company for Jones Plastics and help Rev-A-Shelf achieve global accolades for its ingenuity and appeal in the cabinet storage solution sector. By 1984, Rev-A-Shelf had grown into a self-reliant business and established its own manufacturing headquarters that now covers more than 315,000 square feet. It also is located in Louisville, Kentucky, and still remains a strong subsidiary of Jones Plastics.

In 2017, Rev-A-Shelf announced it had acquired Glideware, a smaller company based in Grand Junction, Colorado that makes similar storage solutions that fit perfectly with the Rev-A-Shelf product line. Originally, they began to include Glideware products in their catalog as early as 2013 and made the ultimate decision to merge their two companies as part of an expansion deal.

Similarly, they have also introduced added accessories such as LED lighting systems and childproof locks in their Rev-A-Shelf product line. The concept of Rev-A-Shelf was so well received because it didn’t interfere with existing cabinets and actually enhances the utility of space within any kind of cabinet. Though their focus is mainly in the kitchen and bathroom cabinet storage system domain, it can easily translate to garage or workshop applications too.

They have made bold steps to ensure that Rev-A-Shelf products are easy to find across a variety of retail and online platforms through authorized dealers, and distributors. They also have one of the best slogans which states “We are going to change the way you think about cabinet organization”. They are no stranger to being seen at major home shows including the (KBIS) Kitchen & Bath Industry Show and many other national trade show exhibits.

They further have won awards from the National Kitchen & Bath Association and from the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show for Innovative products. Rev-A-Shelf is also an All-American company that is family-owned and operated.


Rev-A-Shelf Products:

Rev-A-Shelf Products in kitchen

The first thing you’ll want to learn is how Rev-A-Shelf categorizes its products and why they are divided into separate categories. Here is how they differentiate all of their products.

Cabinet Organizers:

Cabinets are not all have the same interior measurements, so it’s best to say that cabinet organizers are going to include specific types of shelves according to the configuration of a particular cabinet interior. This is where Rev-A-Shelf is including a wide variety of pull-out shelving units, pull-down shelves, corner systems including blind corners, and even lazy Susan set-ups. Many of the catalog products that are offered include wooden, metal frames, wire, and polymer plastics that are featured in various configurations and sizes according to your cabinet size.

Drawer Organizers:

Obviously, the issue with drawers is that smaller utensils such as cutlery and cooking tools are meant to be stored in shallow areas. Not only does this allow you to place specialized organizer trays, these drawers further can be modified to hold everything from cutlery, knives, spice rack dividers, and household items like plastic wrap or foil. These tray inserts are often made from plastics but aren’t limited to wood, metal, and wire-framed storage inserts.

Pantry Systems:

Any kitchen pantry is essentially a storage closet that is modified to store long-term food and cooking supplies. This is another area that Rev-A-Shelf excels at providing which includes a whole slew of creative storage systems. You’ll find many items that offer pull-out pantry shelving, swing-out shelve systems, and multiple door-mounted shelving options. As usual, the choice of materials includes a generous variety of metal, wood, plastic, and wire constructions.

Waste Containers:

We all know the importance of having a handy garbage bin in the kitchen, but that’s not where Rev-A-Shelf ends their answer to organizing the kitchen or bathroom. You’ll find these bins are ideal for recycling and larger bins for storing vegetables like potatoes or root veggies. Additionally, pull-out containers, door-mounted containers, and under-the-sink configurations all come in a variety of sizes depending on your needs.


Benefits of Rev-A-Shelf Products:

Maximizing Storage Space by Rev-A-Shelf Cabinetry

Maximizing Storage Space:

The whole idea of Rev-A-Shelf storage solutions is to maximize and improve the amount of space you have within a cabinet. The best advantage to these products is an immediate 50% more storage capacity over any current or existing storage set-up in your cabinets. This allows you to take advantage of more room than before.

Improving Accessibility:

Getting to items inside a cabinet has always been a matter of crouching or reaching inside deep cabinets to get access to what you need. You will immediately have faster access to items and supplies inside shelves and cabinets using pull-out or swing-out organizers no matter if these include a variety of trays or bins. And- there will never be any need to reach or overstrain yourself while reaching for items anymore.

Enhancing Organization:

The problem with open shelves inside any cabinet or cupboard is having trouble keeping items organized properly. This is another great reason why the dividers and shelf organizers for all Rev-A-Shelf products allow you to place every item you need or use the most in a spot that is reached quickly and without much strain to retrieve something within seconds.


Having a customized kitchen or cabinet set-up is always a big plus, especially when it comes to having more customized storage solutions within all of your cabinets. You can mix and match many types of storage products to elevate the kind of storage needs that make your day run smoothly and perfectly fitting for your needs.


Drawbacks of Rev-A-Shelf Products:

Cabinets making in Rev-A-Shelf

Rev-A-Shelf products do come with a few drawbacks that some customers have an issue with. Not to say that every solution they offer doesn’t have an alternative choice in material. Here are some of the most common issues:


The bottom line is that Rev-A-Shelf products are not very budget-friendly. They are pricy but the materials and manufacturing that go into them are not being cheated. The durability and quality are what justify the overall price. It’s also one of the few American-made products that aren’t importing cheap materials since all of their products are made in the USA.


As much as we would like to say the installation process should be easy, there is some skill involved when you install them. Thankfully, Rev-A-Shelf does offer installation videos and instructions to show how easy it is to install their storage devices. If you own a standard cordless drill and have minimal DIY skills, it’s not hard to do the work yourself.


Our Final Two Cents:

There are alternatives that you can find from other manufacturers that supply storage solutions, but none of them match the Rev-A-Shelf level of quality. The options and selections that they offer are also hard to beat and can easily be used for other areas of your home like the garage or home-based workshops. And despite the price difference that you’ll find, their selection also has a very decent difference if you choose plastic, wood, or metal materials that create storage bins.

We’ve offered Rev-A-Shelf for many years and stand by their outstanding selection that makes any cabinet organization more effective wherever it’s installed. And if you’re a stickler for quality, the materials they use will last just as long as your cabinets were meant to last likewise.

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