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Not everyone has the luxury of living in a home since many of us are perfectly fine living in a small apartment or studio flat. Kitchen space is often very limited but that doesn’t mean you can’t make adjustments to provide as much space as you would in a normal-sized kitchen. Here are some pointers and ideas on how to get more cabinet storage space within a cramped kitchen layout.

Hide Appliances in Small Spaces

Kitchen cabinets use for hiding appliances

When you think about countertop space, this can become a traffic jam for your countertops right away if you like using coffee makers or toaster ovens. One simple solution is to dedicate a kitchen cabinet space to put all of your countertop appliances. It might be worth rerouting the electrical plugs behind these cabinets so you can power them from that location so you don’t need to move them from inside a cabinet.

This way, you will have more space to keep countertops clear and clutter-free until those times when you need to do some serious cooking. With less clutter on countertops, this makes it easier to only keep certain items that belong there. It would also be worth evaluating the layout and zoning of your kitchen space to see if there is a more effective way to group various cooking zones.

Tabletop Counters with Cabinet Storage

Shelves Under Kitchen Table

Your kitchen may have been designed hastily and without storage needs completely in mind. You may have a standing table or breakfast nook where bar stool chairs are lined up over a makeshift countertop supported with leg posts at one end. The area underneath the countertop is perfect for adding cabinets or shelves so you can store items on them. If there is enough room you can try placing an old hanging bookshelf rack if it fits well.

Alternatively, you can stack milk or beer crates on their sides and secure them together with hot glue or wood screws so they’re steadier. Each open bin is decorative looking and gives these limited spaces a cool urban feel. Use leftover paints to brighten them up using your favorite colors.

Utilize Wall Space in Small Kitchens

Use of Old Bookshelf in kitchen

There is bound to be some empty wall space in your kitchen area that will be perfect for putting up shelves. A DIY shelf kit from the local hardware store is perfect for this. You’ll need to measure how much space you have to install these onto the wall. If you need to drill holes, be sure to add wall anchors so these are firmly attached and won’t fall down from the weight you place on them.

Another idea is if your wall is adjoining a countertop but there is no shelf above it, you can add a shallow bookshelf onto the countertop. Stack two on top of each other so you have more shelf space and secure them with woodscrews. Make sure that the very top is secured to the wall in case it tips over.

Working Around Storage Limitations

Corner Kitchen cabinet

Any empty apartment space in your kitchen area can be modified to include an add-on that isn’t going to be part of the original kitchen. Corners especially are great for stashing premade corner cabinets that you can get from home improvement centers. You can find a variety of storage cabinets that can be repurposed for fitting into a tight space and will be perfect for dishes, pots, and pans, or anything else that takes up space in the rest of your existing cabinets.

Corners aren’t always used to their best intentions if you have a kitchen that wasn’t designed to maximize this limited space. It’s a problem that is quickly remedied if you use items that will fit into these spaces without needing to move anything around.

Working with Rental Apartment Kitchens

Bins, hangers for rental kitchens

If you’re renting, you might have a landlord that doesn’t want any modification or holes in the walls. You might not get permission to make special changes if they don’t allow this so being creative by using existing items in negative spaces is a must. This is why a trip to the Dollar Store or home improvement center is right up your alley. You can buy items that work as makeshift cabinet storage using bins, hangers, and reclaimed items.

As long as these items are providing more space for your kitchen needs without adding-on more cabinets that wouldn’t fit so easily, you’ve saved yourself some time and money. Just think about the IKEA concept of space-saving ideas, and you’ll be amazed at how much space you can get from items that don’t cost much at home improvement centers.

Transform Office Furniture for Cabinet Space

Office cabinet into Kitchen cabinet

Every now and then, you’ll find there is a garage sale or flea market that is getting rid of old office furniture for a few bucks. You can easily turn a filing cabinet into a trendy-looking kitchen cabinet using some quick DIY instructions. These cabinets can fit underneath a hanging countertop or along a section of the wall where these will fit neatly. If you’re already dealing with a snug kitchen layout there is one more excellent tip you can use.

Most people never consider that those Shoe Cabinets you can buy from IKEA make great storage bins for pots and pans. These are free-standing units that are usually meant for shoes but with a little imagination, they can become tidy micro-shelves for nearly anything you can imagine.

Use Organizers Trays To Save Space

Plastic Tray used as space dividers in cabinets

Perhaps you don’t need to look for additional cabinet space but the cabinets you have don’t have any space dividers inside them. This is more common under the sink or underneath countertops. One solution is to buy a bunch of plastic storage boxes that have space dividers inside them. These are great for storing all of your cookware items, appliances, and kitchen knick-knacks. See here for some additional organization ideas.

In most cases, there’s always enough room to stack two of these containers on top of each other to save even more space. Because storage bins are meant to store all kinds of objects, these are great if you’re young and tend to move around a lot. Since your kitchen items will be in storage bins already, it’s easier to pack up and find an apartment that has more kitchen space. You can also use smaller Tupperware bins to store all of your favorite ingredients and cooking items.

This will keep items tidy and within a container and it really helps to keep these perishable items fresher for long periods likewise.


Kitchen Cabinets for Small Spaces

What are the best kitchen cabinets for small spaces?

Cabinets that are off the floor, placed into corners or other areas that won’t normally be used are all great options. You want as much cabinet space to be out of the way as possible. Or placed in areas that would otherwise not be used. Try going for tall cabinets over counter spaces, corner cabinets, and cabinets with built-in organizers.

How can I make my small kitchen feel larger?

The easiest way to make a kitchen feel larger is to reduce as much clutter as possible and use light, airy colors for the décor. These two strategies can make a huge difference. choose light-colored cabinets, using glass-fronted doors, installing open shelving, and incorporating mirrors. Space-saving appliances can also help make a small kitchen feel more spacious.

What are the benefits of using tall kitchen cabinets?

In smaller kitchens, tall cabinets can make the space feel more open and offer a lot more storage than smaller cabinetry. They also free up floor space and make it easier to move around as there is no horizontal cabinets to contend with. Additionally, they can also make a small kitchen feel taller and more spacious.

What are some space-saving kitchen cabinet ideas?

Choose narrow, shallow cabinets to save space in any kitchen. Installing pull-out drawers, using cabinet organizers, and opting for cabinets with adjustable shelves also all help on space saving and are easy to design and build. Additionally, combining cabinets with open shelving or opting for a floating shelf design can also help save space in a small kitchen. Start by playing around with online cabinetry and kitchen design tools to get the creative juices flowing.

How can I make the most of a corner kitchen cabinet?

Corner kitchen cabinets are a great idea and use a spot in your kitchen that would otherwise go unused. You can get even more form them by getting ones that have a lazy susan or rotating shelf, which allows you to easily access items stored in the back of the cabinet. You can also opt for a pull-out cabinet, which makes it easier to reach items stored in the back, or install a tall, wall-mounted corner cabinet to maximize storage space.

How can I make a small kitchen feel more organized?

Decluttering is always the first step in organizing a kitchen. Each item should have a “home” and that home should be easily reached when you need that item. Keeping everything in its place with organizers and cabinets leaves you with clean countertops that feel spacious and organized.


Using open shelving and opting for a clean, uncluttered design can also help make a small kitchen feel more organized. Open shelving immediately lets you see what’s there and its easily accessible.

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