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Leaning on the edge of infinite elegance and original designs, Cuisine Idéale is a fine choice for many that are looking for something different in kitchen cabinetry. We’ll review Cuisine Idéale brand and you’ll discover what separates them from other cabinet manufacturers when it comes to quality and design techniques. You can visit our roundup of manufactures here to see more on how they stack up.


Brief Company Overview

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It’s not often that a Canadian-based cabinet company will get that much attention except when you mention Cuisine Idéale . This up-and-coming company from Quebec has only been around since 1971, and since then has crafted over 250,000 custom design cabinets. They also recently moved to their newest manufacturing building which covers 15,000 square feet of factory assembly space and company business offices.

They are not only the top cabinetry manufacturer in Sherbrooke, but Quebec they also have garnished a loyal customer base within the upscale cabinetry market. They also boast an impressive 8-step construction process that includes precision transformation, superior handcrafting, attentive selection, masterful finishes, timely quality control, tailored packaging, and flexible delivery.

All of these construction steps thus ensure an outstanding cabinet from start to finish whenever a Cuisine Idéale cabinet is ordered.


Cuisine Idéale Cabinetry 

Cuisine Idéale Cabinet Products

What you will immediately find with Cuisine Idéale  cabinets is more than you get with the typical premade semi-custom cabinets that are sold in kitchen design outlets. All of the products that are constructed by Cuisine Idéale  are custom-made to order. As a time-saving method, they offer selections of cabinet door styles featuring several popular favorites that make it easier for customers to choose.

Make no mistake, their line of cabinets also include countless wood varieties, finishes, colors, and hardware accessories to go with each cabinet order. They also have their finger on the pulse of what customers are looking for and offer styles that include big sellers such as traditional, contemporary, and modern cabinet themes. Once a customer creates an order, Cuisine Idéale will create high-quality cabinets that last for years.


Manufacturing Process

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As mentioned before, this company is quite young with just 50 years in the business, but their in-house staff brings more than 500 years of practical experience. Because of this collective thinking, Cuisine Idéale has created an 8-step manufacturing process to increase its quality control when it comes to the creation of its custom cabinets. Here’s how they do it:

1. Attentive selection

All designs for new cabinets begin with selecting the highest-quality materials for the project. Only the best wood with the perfect length, width, and thickness is used if they further have excellent aesthetic quality before they are used to create cabinets.

2. Precision transformation

They use special machinery that’s guided by computer technology that allows each parameter to be cut with extreme perfection. This reduces any errors that may happen using older cutting and shaping equipment.

3. Superior handcrafting

Machines are one thing but the hands-on staff within Cuisine Idéale  are the real brains behind their custom creations that bring a truly original look and style to every design.

4. Masterful finish

What you see and what you get can be somewhat deceiving unless you count on the experience that comes with expert cabinet finishers. Each cabinet goes through a 4-step process including sanding, coating, stamping, and finishing details.

5. Precise assembly

Cabinet assembly is never left to chance or luck, which is why these cabinets are assembled using skilled employees and specialized rigs that check for accuracy when being put together.

6. Timely quality control

Custom cabinets have often been a lengthy process that takes time to produce good results. This is where this company has perfected efficiency when it comes to building custom cabinetry with as little interruption or delay to get the job done correctly and quickly.

7. Tailored packaging

When it’s time for shipping, this is another aspect that Cuisine Idéale  takes to a whole new level. They pack their cabinets with an extra emphasis on transportation that other companies often short-change. Things like corners, edges, and things that could get dented during shipping never occur making it possible to ship items that will arrive just as they were finished in the shop.

8. Flexible delivery

Even though this is a Canadian company, they have learned the best shipping routes and methods all over North America, making delivery options easier for customers.


Customer Reviews

Customer Giving Review about Cuisine Idéale Cabinets

Many cabinet manufacturers rely on their customers for positive reviews, which is how they can gain trust in such a very selective field. But when you have a company like Cuisine Idéale producing custom cabinets, you can be sure their customers are very happy.

Here are a couple of recent samples of what they had to say:

One customer wrote,

“Cuisine Idéale was fantastic to work with. They took the time to understand my needs and delivered a custom kitchen that exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for high-quality cabinets and personalized service.”

Another customer commented,

“I was blown away by the quality of the cabinets from Cuisine Idéale. They are built to last and the customization options allowed me to create a unique space that fits my style perfectly.”

While this is one company that is much farther north than most of our US-based cabinet partners, we’re confident and proud to include Cuisine Idéale cabinets within our custom cabinet solutions. They have a strong reputation that shows how great their commitment to quality is, and how they have earned consistent trust over the last 50 years of making cabinets, Cuisine Idéale is a perfect choice.

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